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    Only if I'm using my bike as transport and wearing regular shorts for short distances ex: school, beyond that cycling shorts are the god of all shorts, otherwise you may not feel so good in a very important area, they are a very sound investment!

    LAKE Bikes

    My lake shoes are also good, but I think you may have stumped us the lettering on the bike kinda looks like on my shoes but I not sure.

    GT Avalanche 2.0

    The Avalanche is decent for the money, if you've ridden it and like it It should be a good purchase, as for pacific cycles they may not be the greatest parent company but keep in mind the same company that makes crappy bikes like ccm also owns rocky mountian so really is it any diffrent...

    Import duties for buying outside Canada?

    Try bikeroom I have ordered a few items usually they are reasonable it took about 4 weeks to get around christmas if you have issues just e-mail them though if it is a small problem he will fix it but won't e-mail back. I'm satisfied with there service, MEC is good too.

    mike vandeman-stupid enviromentalist

    Wow these are the people I love to hate! Yes some of his points are valid but a trail will erode regardless of how it is travelled hikers, mtb, etc as it is dirt without natural items like plants to prevent erosin, now to rant slightly, then there should be no trails! Then there will be less...

    Hardtail vs. Full Suspension

    Have an 2004 GT i-drive cross country this is my 2nd full suspension after 3 hardtails i don't race but trail riding, downhill trails and pretty much anything else is nice and smooth and I have to ride on paved areas to get to trails so all around full suspension is really, really nice, I do...

    Poll: What type of ride do you have?

    2004 Gt I-drive Xc 3.0

    What kind of fork do you have

    Rockshox sid (80mm) been good so far for me

    disk brakes

    Currently using avid mechanical discs they work great braking very similar or almost the same as a hydraulic disc setup I rode (hayes) though all mech discs are not greated equalthe cheaper shimano ones I rode were' nt much better than v-brakes, as for mechanicals avids are great.:)
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    Do you wear a helmet?

    When I was a teenager I did'nt wear a helmet, now I'm 23 always wear one I don't have good enough luck not to plus don't want to crack open my head on a tree, rock, bad drivers car plus if I'm not hurt I can focus on the important thing in the crash my bike! P.S dont crash to much but remember...
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    Any young RIDERS?

    Hi I'm a Mark a 23 year old I ride a 2004 Gt i-drive XC after a 7 year absence from cycling, I currently ride for fun, winter sucks though I have been out lately here can't wait for spring I need to buy a trainer! :o