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    Burley Softride Tandem--Comments Please

    I'm looking at a used Burley Tandem. Rumba softride model. Any comments on bikes from Burley? I guess they are only make trailers now. It's a 2002 and they are asking $1,200. Not Surly...but Burley! Thoughts?
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    Shopping with my Burley Nomad

    First, looks like Burley will be fine with new structure and ownership. I want to buy one too. Heck, when you look on Craigslist you get more "Wanted to Buy" hits than ones for sale! No one commented on the carbon frame towing a trailer that can hold up to 100 lbs (see picture on original...
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    2008 Trek 520

    I would think with the US $ so weak, it would be a bargain. Just since last April your currency has gone up 15% to the US$! Thats a LOT more bike for no more $$ for you. I'm not an expert on bike parts, but it's my understanding both Surly and Trek 520 are great frames. But 520 has better...
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    Trailers: Two Wheels or One?

    Let's presume I decide to use a trailer and I will not be off-roading. It seems to me the Burly Nomad has some nice features e.g. two wheels isn't tippy when you stop. What are some of your experiences on one wheel vs two wheel trailers? (BOB vs Nomad)
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    Gearing for Touring

    As I said, I'm not a mechanic but I understand the general concepts of gearing. What I do not understand is the relationship between the gearing and the derailleur. I thought the derailleur just moved the chain up and down. Higher quality ones shift smoother which is very important. But why...
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    Gearing for Touring

    Thanks. I thought this link below was the guy who said the 75% rule but I guess not. But he says some good stuff and had some interesting links under gearing. Your comment about shifitng under load intrigues me. On my road bike, Trek...
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    Gearing for Touring

    Yes, I'm posting a gearing under touring on purpose because I don't need roadies opinion on this one. So chill out Forum Freaks. :p I'm looking at the Trek 520 and most everyone says great bike but change gearing because 30 is not easy enough for a loaded bike uphills. Here are my questions...
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    Surly Long Haul Trucker?

    Sooooo...what did you buy??? You've got to tell us the last's forum etiquette. ;)
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    2008 Trek 520

    I've been looking at the 520 and the Surly LHT. I got a lot of great info from the net. MANY people came to the same conclusion: Great bike but get new seat, gearing, tires and rack. Most people did upgrade after they bought the stock bike and wished they would have upgraded a few parts right...
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    Bike Computer & Distance

    I made the original post. Funny ending...It ends up my 2002 Yukon says 9.6 miles for every 10 travelled. I blew the dust off a GPS I never use, found a straight road and went to work. If I enter in the wheelsize Sigma recommends, I end up going 1.02 miles for 1.00 on the GPS. In other...
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    Bike Computer & Distance

    I own a Sigma 1200. I really like it but the battery finally died and I replaced it and had to relearn how to program it. I have 700x38 for my hybrid, so the setting was 1374 to convert it to MPH. I'm kind of a detail person so I tested it with two different car odometers. The bike computer was...