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    Do mtb shoes look proper if you wear the rest of the roadie look?

    I think that ride is appropriately named! I see some other roadies wearing mountain shoes, probably more than most realize, because how often do you look at other peoples shoes? I see people give me strange looks for having a rack on my road bike (use it for commuting and touring) and for some...
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    Patrick rides on

    Thanks for sharing.
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    Victim of a variation of the right hook

    The way I see it, it was the driver's fault. Forget whether you were passing or not, he turned right, RIGHT in front of you with NO signal. Although I'm not sure what the law would state about it. I've often been in a situation where I wasn't actually passing a car on the right but just on...
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    What pedals and shoes should i buy for road cyling?( cheap please)?

    I stopped seeing the cheap Nashbar M520 copy cats, they called them "VP Components". $13 bucks for a pair shipped was pretty amazing for what they are. I did however, notice significant bearing wear after 1,100 miles but for 13 bucks who cares! A person can score M520s for less than $30 shipped...
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    What pedals and shoes should i buy for road cyling?( cheap please)?

    Pretty much everything dabac has just said. I prefer MTB pedals and cleats, I like being able to walk around easily and being able to clip in on BOTH sides is really nice. Lots of good options for cheap MTB pedals too. The Shimano M520 is indestructible, and dirt cheap. Some brands that...
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    Cyclocross or adventure bike

    Hello and welcome to the forum! I don't have any real experience with cycle cross bikes, but I do own an adventure bike. I have a Specialized Diverge A1 and I really enjoy it. I chose an adventure bike for the disc brakes and wider tires. I also needed the eyelets on the rear to place a...
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    I used to think john denver was a sissy

    Good job, I wish I could find a way to combine cycling and guitar but haven't so far!
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    Play a guitar

    Good job, I play a lot myself. The whole point is to have fun, if it turns into work your doing it wrong! Few things bring as much joy into my life as a quiet evening and my guitar.
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    Specialized diverge a1 11 spd upgrade qs

    After thinking about this for a while now, I have decided to go the triple route eventually. For now I will probably get a triple crankset and use it as a double by removing 1 of the chainrings and adding some spacers. I have a FSA crankset/BB and it is Meg Exo, so I will most likely get a...
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    Specialized diverge a1 11 spd upgrade qs

    As mentioned, I live in the Ozark Mountains, and yes I do plan on doing lots of touring in this area. I handle most hills fine with the compact double, but constant rolling terrain or steep mountain grades really gets to me. I've only been cycling a few years, I've lost about 60 lbs and I'm in...
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    Specialized diverge a1 11 spd upgrade qs

    Thank you for the reply. My budget for the wheels is $300-500, I don't mind spending a few more hundred on the drivetrain. I had saved enough money to buy a higher end Diverge, the model I was originally going to get came with Tiagra, but at that time, and with my limited knowledge I decided...
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    Specialized diverge a1 11 spd upgrade qs

    I recently purchased a new Specialized Diverge A1. The main reason I'm wanting to upgrade to an 11 speed drive train is i want to be able to run much lower gears than what I have now. I'd like a 42-46t in the rear. I know I'll need a long cage derailer, and most likely only 11 speed cassettes...
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    Intro, first 20 mile, a few qs

    Thanks again everyone, just wanted to give another update. I worked my way up to 50 miles pretty easily, and my longest ride so far has been about 60. I lost another 10 lbs, and haven't had any "butt pain" to speak of in a while. I ended up buying a Specialized Diverge after riding a Trek...
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    Intro, first 20 mile, a few qs

    I was going to upload a photo but I keep getting an error?
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    Intro, first 20 mile, a few qs

    Just wanted to give an update. I checked my frame size and it is marked "L 175-185". Not sure why I thought it was too big before, I feel like an idiot! I think one reason I had to trim the seat post was the bolts for my water bottle bracket may have been hitting it. I adjusted my saddle...