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    Show Me A Photo Of Your Road Bike

    14000km later and I've cracked my learsport frame. Curses! Time to hunt for the receipt.
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    new bike - Fuji Track Pro or Felt TK2

    I wound up getting a 2006 Fuji Track Pro. It is heaps lighter than my old steel frame and appears to be faster (well it is red!). Thanks to being last year's model it was $400 cheaper. Always a bonus.
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    new bike - Fuji Track Pro or Felt TK2

    I am also looking at these two bikes. A few people at my club use the Felts. I can get the Fiji for about $400 less than the felt. Does anyone have an opinion on which bike is best in regards to bang for buck, handling, sprinting, bike **** factor...
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    Insane thoughts while riding home...

    Assuming it did not infringe copyright/trademarks, what would be my chances of getting a full body (head to foot) spiderman skin suit with the webbing being the retro relective material of the same quality as that in the recent movie. At the very least it would be good for a laugh and would...
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    How Much Do You All Weigh?

    Too much! I am 86kg and 178cm. My race weight is 75kg!!!!
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    Max rate you've had your heart

    I max out at 206. During a recent race, my average was 187 for a bit over an hour - it hurt!!
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    How long to take off training before a race?

    I take the day before the race as a rest day. Works for me.
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    Learsport Road Bikes

    I bought a Lear8000 around 18 months ago. I have upgraded some of the components. It seems to be performing fine. The only thing I need checked out is the headset (think it rattles ever so slightly, but a cursory check does not show it to be loose). Cheers P
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    Show Me A Photo Of Your Road Bike

    Ta. It's now been upgraded to a dura ace drive system, carbon fibre seat post, carbon SLR saddle and tubular wh7701 wheels. It performed really well in C grade. I'm not going so well in B grade with it due to the motor needing tuning!
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    What do you guys all look like?

    Here I am posing with my machine. :)
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    Does anyone know of Bosevski dedacciai frame?

    I am wondering what sort of quality these track frames are. I am looking around for a new frame and have the option of one of these. Regards P :cool:
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    "New" deraileur with 'old' frame

    I have a cluncky mtn bike frame that my girl friend rides. i want to upgrade her rather dogy componenty. the rear dereaileur is one that attacked to the hub and not the extra dropout thing. is it possible to attach an expensive style deraleur (eg deore lx) to an older frame. I guess my...
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    I recently attended a speach on cycling, and the benifits of massages were mentioned. What are the benifits of massages. How often should I get massaged and is there any downside. Cheers
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    How do you tackle a hill?

    I all depends on the hill - short = power over the top out of the saddle and push on down the other side. Long hill - mainly saddle.
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    Fastest Speed on the Flats--NO WIND

    In sprints (leading out) I can get up to 65kph. Can't maintain that pace for very long though. P