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    180 Rotor On Rear.

    I have shimano 160 rotar rear and have a spare 180 rotor.Question being, is it worth the trouble to switch to the 180 ,obviouslly adjusting the caliper hight. I see it is becoming common for most bikes to run a 180 front and a 160 rear. Why arn't they drunning 180 on front and rear?.
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    Strange Rear wheel noise

    This might be your answer ,when the shimano pads wear they slip lower in the caliper housing,causing the top of the rotor to rub on those leaf springs holding the pads in place.remove calipers main fixing bolts bolts ,add in two washers ,one each side to lift the assembly slightlly.I use...
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    Should I go with a suspension fork?

    A cheap sus fork is a waste of money.Make sure you get a decent fork if you upgrade. If your BODY is indicating that you need some suspension.If you ride bumpy trails and like to cruise down gravle roads.:D Its time to upgrade to a full suspension. Every now and then i ride my old trek ridgid...
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    Disc or v brakes

    When i purchased my Scott Genius mc50 years ago they came standard with avid single digit ,i replaced the pads with an all weather compound and they worked better than any brakes I'd had before.For years i considered the upgrade to disks,and did the numbers,and heard the debates disks are more...
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    Cape Epic

    I've really gotten a bad taste about this whole Epic thing, it seems it's all about money. Where is the spirit of mtbiking? Maybe someone out there can shed some light on these issues. 1.The entry fee, the accommodation costs,providing your own maintenance and support team,leave you in no...
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    XTR Crank Falling Off - HELP!!

    Try the following site to see where you are slipping up.
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    Shimano deore xt disk shifter brake lever

    I can get a set of second hand deore duel (not xt duel) at quite a decent price R900.00 or i can opt for new deore disk levers and xt shifters at about double the price.????:confused:
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    Shimano deore xt disk shifter brake lever

    Thanks,i managed to remove all the plastic covers and get to the damage,the lever had pushed the mechanism beyond the last gear change so the little pawl had flipped back on itself bending the side of the case and its mounting pin. I mananaged to get it back into position and straighten the side...
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    Shimano deore xt disk shifter brake lever

    Shimano deore XT disk shifter brake lever combo,where can i find a working drawing of assembly/scematics? I need to take the thing apart and see if i can fix it.the gear shifter is not working. I believe there's a web site? Otherwise i have to use the brake as is and put on a normal shiter.Any...
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    Blonde joke

    Blonde walks into a bank in Johannesburg and asks for the loans dept. She says she's going to Europe on business for three weeks and needs to borrow R10,000. The bank officer says the bank will need some kind of security for the loan, so the blonde hands over the keys to a new Rolls Royce...
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    Do you bother repairing flats?

    Yep i patch the tube untill the valve packs up or it splits at the seams,i grew up in an age where a new tube was a luxury,nowdays the new tube costs less than the time spent and the repair patch and solution. This is MTBING I'm talking about. i can immagine with the state of the art road bike...
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    Searching for Inca Trails in PERU

    WOW and Wow again,what an awsome ride i'll definatlly put this on one of my want to do in life,list of acheivements.
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    Hi there from chilly,wet Cape Town,Won't be doing much MTBing today but i'll probably go for a scuba dive instead.