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    What do you look for in a bike shop?

    Give out free Coffee- the rest will fall into place ;-)
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    Resveratrol wine

    peanut butter is a good source. make it organic :)
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    Lose undesired upper body mass

    " The faster you go, the fewer passing cars" eventually they start passing from front to back :) cars suck. wish i had more of those stickers.
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    Lose undesired upper body mass

    raw, organic, vegan. even better yet. dude whatr your goals exactly?
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    Lose undesired upper body mass

    from my experience, it is much harder to lose muscle than to gain it. i'd say ten-fold. we're designed to lose fat and retain muscle, unless you're doing ultra-long distance while you're in starvation.
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    which fruit for recvoery?

    tomatoe, more potassiunm than banana. organic always. bananas are starchy. they're linked to weight gain for some unknown reason.
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    "The Gray Wolf"

    i like the belt idea. i'll do it.
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    Weight Loss vs Race Time

    i just feel better when im lighter. and move better but that's a given. detoxify your body, too. this helps with efficiency. fat hold nastiness. if you have any you should get rid of it. it's just not aerodynamic. and it wastes energy.
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    What's Your Average Speed In The City?

    faster than avg spd of smelly traffic. now average speed of vitamin C replenishment.... ah there's a question. oh and, about 22kph by comparing (total distance) / (total time cycling) :cool:
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    Resveratrol wine

    let's get something straight: it's dealcoholized wine. may i ****, dave?
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    Resveratrol wine

    because water doesnt contain resveratrol. inglenook is yummy. it doesnt have tons of empty-fattening brain-cell-killing calories that wine does. and brands like Fre you end up with $20/gallon grapejuice with just a little bit of the good stuff. i think those are all the reasons i got for...
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    Resveratrol wine

    inglenook is a brand of de-alcoholized red wine that i use. it has 30 kcal, no grape juice and tastes very good. cheers!
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    HIIT for fitness?

    tabata workouts?
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    Lose undesired upper body mass

    theres also the question of what % protein in the diet if one is cutting muscle.
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    Six-pack = too thin for cycling?

    i bet bruce lee would have made excellent starting material for a cyclist. one stat i read on him was 5'9 & 125. idk how accurate that is, but it looks about right. im thinking his frontal surface area (& weight) was minimal compared to his strength & mindset. interesting to consider.