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    Humour: How to justify your next bike

    i know i need a new one, 'cause it just dawned on me almost the whole thing is made of some kind of weird fibrous plastic stuff.
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    Campagnolo Athena

    We got it as "Crouch Down" in our rustic vernacular stateside, 'least in my shop...
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    Armstrong Has Lousy Taste In Music

    Mumia makes a lot of sense, have you heard his radio broadcasts?
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    How many of you use a bicycle as part of your shooting equipment?

    nothing new in L.A. don't leave home without it.
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    Lance Armstrong stripped of his 6th tour title

    to clarify, these particular substances are banned only when found exceeding a certain level of hemocrit!
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    Velocity Deep V Q

    you might be suprised how pristine the sidewalls of some non-machined rims would remain, depending on the rider and/or conditions. usually though, you could count on one rain ride to do them in. once, there were even brake pads offered specifically for the purpose of abrading away the anodized...
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    The Thread about Nothing....

    used to get sedis chains in black, bulk packaging (cut from a who knows how long spool) for 6.00 usd. these would get used with the pre-hyperglide cogs and probly outlive 3 of today's setups. that was value.
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    bikes for eternity?

    yeah, max may be brutal for a lighter rider, even though there sure were some smaller frames made with it, and it sure was the choice of those in the know including pros and has a following to this day. the ovalizing should resist directional forces, but i know masters such as pegoretti believe...
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    bikes for eternity?

    it has more tendency to develop crack formation during welding, this is a metallurgical property of the material recognized fully by columbus. sure, some builders will have the talent and developed skillsets to deal with this trait optimally. most, who predictably have honed their abilities...
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    Nervous Descending

    good stuff here. some points, -looking far ahead was passed onto me by a VERY fast descender. -keeping the head from tilting, so the eyes stay level to the road -equal application of the brakes. actually the front should be applied heavier while on the approach, then reduced as nearing the...
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    bikes for eternity?

    i'd go with cromo, stainless should be nice but potentially brittle, and harder to repair, wel, ect. just seal the inside of the tubes with boiled linseed oil (framesaver) and keep the externals clean to prevent corrosion. picking a custom builder would be a blast i'm sure but i would look at...
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    bikes for eternity?

    i'd go for steel, readily repairable. custom built, tubing selected for rider-specific demand, in the long run it is the fit you can live with, assuming you have arrived at an ideal fit, and one that is hopefully racy... yes ti has been known to break, esp. at welds. that said, i expect my...
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    Lighten my bike

    carry one bottle on shorter rides, on longer too, if you can fill up en route. good for around a pound, many spend big for that.
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    Best Floor Pump

    i have two silcas, black for home and orange for away. have replaced leather and rubber seals, cannot be beat imho.
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    Chuck Norris

    Chuck Norris is his own leadout man.