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    Lets see your Fixedgear and SS bikes!

    Since I can't edit above post to fix pics, here they are....................... bike before donating all it's XT/Avid goodies After the tranformation to single speed............
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    Rock Hopper Reclamation

    Here's a better pic of my 1992 Rockhopper in it's current touring setup..............
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    What kind of bike do you have?

    Here's a crazy one of my 14.......mixed use ss sassifras - 2006 Bianchi Rollo
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    Show Me A Photo Of Your Road Bike

    New pic of the road bike.................
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    2002 Giant XTC NRS Pro

    As seen in pic above, the rr shock swapped to unused rockshox Bar. The new upper mount hardware for the shock took care of play from old shock. Rest of pivots all tight and good for now . Got all the pivot bearings and also the bushing to bearing upgrade for Horst links but will be hanging on to...
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    2002 Giant XTC NRS Pro

    2nd ride turned out much better than first one. Swapped out the HG-93 with a fresh KMC and all the annoying chain jumping while torqued up climbing stuff is gone completely. Never missed a shift or even acted like it was gonna. Perfect shifting and no torque issues climbing. Flawless. Light...
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    2002 Giant XTC NRS Pro

    OK, bb = ES71 not ES70, Shock swapped out to fresh Rockshox Bar & chain was HG93 not HG70 but is now KMC but waiting on an SRAM PC991 to arrive. Have the Enduro frame pivots but still waiting on the BETD Horst link bushing to bearing upgrade parts to arrive. Rode it on trails but chain wasn't...
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    Guys, kinda lost on bike choices, would like input.

    Mountain biking is truly magic for the soul. Glad you found it and good luck with the medical stuff.
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    2010 Trek District, belt drive, $750 or Trade

    Cool bike. Like it a lot. Hope it went to good home................
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    2002 Giant XTC NRS Pro

    Scored this 2002 Giant XTC NRS Pro 20.5 frame for a good price recently.............. Had a hardtail donor bike up all it's XT & Avid disc goodies. Bought a new fork for it. Have maybe 500.00 in this project and ended up with this BAMF...
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    Lets see your Fixedgear and SS bikes!

    This bike donated all it's XT goodies to go on my "new" 2002 Giant XTC NRS Air Pro build so it got turned into my "new" offroad SS. 34/16 gearing, 105 road cranks with outboard bearings, 4 inch travel fork, Kore stem, SS wheelset from Bianchi Rollo, vbrakes to replace the mech discs also...
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    How Cold and Wet Does It Have To Be Before you Cancel A Bike Ride?

    Dunno..............cold, hot, light, dark, dry, wet, windy, calm same same - RIDE!
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    Rock Hopper Reclamation

    Only pic of it on work computer..........circa 1993
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    New professional MTB Video!