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    Are you a fan of tour de france?

    Well, TDF 2018 was the first cycling competition I've ever watch!!! So, you guys can understand my level of excitement and energy level i was getting through that. Apart from some controversies like attacks on Vincezo Nibali and other cyclists, everything seemed interesting and appealing to me.
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    Old myths or established facts.

    [Myth] Cycling is a piece of cake :p
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    Feedback on heart rate monitor

    Before buying any heart rate monitor you need to look at two main factors; the type of monitor, and the features each monitor possesses. there are two types of heart rate monitors. 1) chest strap 2) wrist strap (watch) Basically, a heart monitor sensor helps in determining resting heart rate...
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    Wonderful losers

    Thanks for the link! definitely gonna watch it on weekend:D
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    Wonderful losers

    I would love to watch it, can you please share video the link or where i can watch it? TIA
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    My dream retirement bike.

    A lot of inspirations and bike knowledge:D will take a long time to reach me there
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    Fashion bike jersey

    Aren't there any online stores besides Amazon & eBay for women's cycling jerseys?
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    Some photography

    She is adoreable <3
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    Some photography

    Woah!!! Beautiful town <3 great pictures
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    Does A Woman On A Bike Need A Weapon?

    LoL, Enough troll for today!!! I would just carry a weapon to kill my Ex's :p:D
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    Biking is not recommended for seniors

    Ahhhh! if this is true then, i can ride for just 33 years more.:oops: I wish if i were had started cycling earlier:(
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    Hello everyone! donna here

    Thank you sooo much :D for such amazing advice and i am definitely gonna use it. as, you are experienced one i wo
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    Hello everyone! donna here

    Thank you :)
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    Hello everyone! donna here

    Ahan, it's awesome and i would love to get to know about your new experience through your blog :D
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    Hello everyone! donna here

    T Thank you :)