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    I tend to agree. Kicking Euro ass was such easy sport for him for so long, it's no wonder he seems unable to find the motivation for the "challenge" at this point. It's fun to drop in here every now and then. < snip >

    2009 TDF stage 16: Martigny Bourg-Saint-Maurice 159 km

    Ah . . . I just saw a snippet of the fall and didn't see the road marking. Should have guessed -- I've seen plenty of people eat asphalt because of road paint, which can be bad enough on a flat stretch much less careening down a mountain. Hope he's OK, although from what I understand he will...

    Somehow, I can't get excited about it this year

    Damn. For a second there you were my hero. Let 'em dope!

    2009 TDF stage 16: Martigny Bourg-Saint-Maurice 159 km

    That video was horrific - you can see his face bounce up off the road. Ouch. Tough to see exactly why it happened. Seems like his tire just got sideways for no particular reason. I'm a flatlander with limited experience in descending on that kind of gradient -- perhaps someone else can hazard a...

    2009 TDF stage 16: Martigny Bourg-Saint-Maurice 159 km

    I completely agree, although if they were merely "testing" without following through, the question arises as to whether they had the ability at that point to do more than bluff. Only two more days to try to realistically try to gain any time on Contador. Today was as good an opportunity as any...

    2009 TDF stage 16: Martigny Bourg-Saint-Maurice 159 km

    Of course, one might also say that when Schleck/Nibali/Wiggins/Contador/Kloden shot their wad and Armstrong calmly made his way back up to them, they couldn't sustain their acceleration. Point is, they all ended up in the same place. As between the two groups, I wonder which expended more...

    Carlos Sastre a man of principle...

    I understand your reaction, but I don't know if I can share it in this case. As the author implies in the last paragaph, it's difficult to figure out exactly what he's bitching about. That he doesn't get "respect" for being the reigning Tour winner, as he speaks to a gaggle of journalists there...

    Can Armstrong stay with the attack ?

    The point, which you seem incapable of comprehending, is that the first "attack" by Frank/Contador was a feint. It went nowhere. Armstrong didn't have to pull anyone up with him, because that gap was "bridged" simply by marking tempo. It would have been silly and stupid for Armstrong and Kloden...

    2009 TDF stage 15: Pontarlier - Verbier 207.5 km

    I had the same thought. Bruyneel would love to stick it to everyone by sweeping the podium,but certainly that tactic could backfire bigtime if Amstrong/Kloden wear themselves out and Contador has the dreaded bad day.
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    Can Armstrong stay with the attack ?

    I did watch it. I also posted proof that you don't even know which Schleck brother was in front once the chase was on. At the point in the race that you are focusing on, no one had clearly made a break. Once Contador put his foot down, Armstrong didnt' budge. LOL. No need to come talk to you...
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    Can Armstrong stay with the attack ?

    You may be right, but Contador is now two years older and closer to his prime. Since then he has improved in his TTT and has shown he can win grand tours no matter where they are contested. It may be the case that a longer climb might cause him to tire, but when you look at how easily he loped...
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    Can Armstrong stay with the attack ?

    Unless at that point he had not conceded that he was not up to contending with his teammate. When it became apparent that he was clearly outclassed by Contador, he did what he was supposed to do, which was get up the hill as fast as he could, without dragging any serious contenders behind him...
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    Can Armstrong stay with the attack ?

    That would be a valid criticism if there had been no one between Contador and Armstrong. But Schleck, and later several others, gave chase, leaving Armstrong and Kloden simply marking tempo behind them. This is going to be a long week, and anything can happen. Contador is the class of the field...
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    Who do you think is doping in the '09 tour?

    The other big news of the day is that the sun sets in the west. Happy now?