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    Cheapest COUNTRY to sell MTBs

    singapore. so far prices here are the cheapest if u know where to look for. i am talking abt a 40%-30% price cheaper than the US. for new and old stuff. but the bad thing we got new stuff abt 1-2 mths lag compare to US.
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    Sun Ditch Witch

    never mind got a reply from Sun tech support. "The Rhyno lite and the ditch witch are the same rim. And yes the both can take a 2.5" tires." - Tony Smith
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    Sun Ditch Witch

    hi all, anyone knows if the Sun Ditch Witch can fit a 2.5" maxxis hookworms? got it with a 2003 kona and its abt time i change those Tioga Factory DH 2.1 search the website. totally useless.
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    SPD Shoes

    i prefer Sidi Dominator mega ;p go for it of u got a wide big fat feet like me. comfy.
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    what is so good about fat tires?!(poll)

    call me weird. i am running Specialized Enduro Pro 2.2 on front and Maxxi Flyweight 330 1.95 rear. performance wise i prefer a fatter front tires as i always bash thru stuff and a skinny low weight tires helps me go a bit faster due to low resistance, high-rolling high spinning rear wheels...
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    Why not to drink/eat Dairy Products

    i stop drinking mil for a bit and replace it with soya milk ;p. but i still do take i love cheese.....
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    What suppliments to take?

    what abt supplements to burn fats and increase performance eg)L-Carnitine and stuff like Hydroxycut and others?
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    Fat A** Needs a Good Bike...

    from my experience. i am around 220lbs and only started riding again after 10 yrs previous bike is a 93' Specialized Rockhopper 16" and has been hand down to my kid brother. my new ride is a hardtail after trying out a frien full sus (bullit,blur,spider, etc..) i found out that i ride like a...
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    opinion need - stems and angle

    hi all, i'm running a 2003 Kona Scrap and have recently replace the front susp fork with a 2004 Marzy Z1 Drop-Off II from a Marzy EXR Comp. I am a newbie freerider. user the bike for both freeriding, urban assault and cross-country. qns: since i got the new fork the bike geometry is a bit...