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    Sidi's new winter shoes

    I ended up ordering SIDI's new winter shoes. Its showed up and I was unimpressed with the shoe altogether. So I sent them back and ordered the Northwave winter shoes. The fahrenheit GTX, its the new one. I've had them out twice now and am not overly impressed with the insulation. After...
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    Sidi's new winter shoes

    Just curious if anyone has had any experiences with Sidi's new Diablo GTX or even the Hydro GTX winter shoes. I have been unable to find any reviews on these shoes. Also, has anyone tried the new Sidi toasters? Look interesting, but a bit pricey. Thanks
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    Numb feet

    I'm looking for some suggestions to help keep the balls of my feet and toes from becoming numb. I'm using speedplay pedals and sidi genius 5's. Could this be the result of my seat being too low, or the position of my cleats on my shoes. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. The shoes...