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    Did Ullrich wait for Lance on Luz Ardiden?

    wowo this is an old post
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    Performance Bike financial troubles?

    never had a problem but nashbar is always beta for the $
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    Tour De France 2004 Posters

    this is a forum not an advertising section..
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    up handle bars to drop handbar

    you could do that but beyond looking will feel weird.. and probably hurt ur back
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    Getting over crashes

    i crashed badly earlier this season and rode easy that week and raced harder next have to get out and ride...if you sit inside you get scared and then never take the turn at the speeds you used to.. my .2
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    Am I a poser or are Roadies snobs???

    i wave if i know the person...if not its kinda weird unless you are riding the same way.. personally when i am out riding that is the only thing i am focusing on.. i wouldnt take it personally
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    I need your opinion...

    that first one is def. a scam.. ask to see pics and get a phone number and address.. and ask to do a COD.. but no one takes off 3000$! def go with you local bike shop
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    Riding with a hernia?

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    New pedaling technique

    i mainly focus on thr back half of my pedal stroke because naturally we push the pedal helps alot
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    What does Robin Williams own?

    i heard on OLN he has his fair share of treks.. and being one of LA best friend i am sure he gets a great deal.. i would be interested in knowing if he has the live strong edition bike... just found this thou...$file/26_Robin-Williams-Bike.jpg...
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    Newbe has some questions...

    i just looked on google and found this about the moonlight ramble its at the end of august.. and as for rides in IL i would check with your local bike store or be a little more specific and look in the region section of the forums
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    Posting from work? Home?

    i have been on the forums all day long hehehe..
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    If you've never seen one...72 cm bike

    you would hav eto be like 6 ft 8 or more! with some really LONG legs!
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    3 in 1 Computer? HRM, Speed, Odo...

    i had the vetta 100hr which was great but..t wasnt reliable.. now i have the polar 720 which is awesome! but very complicated.. they range from 150-300$
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    Selle San Marco saddle comparison

    i got the tri gel and love it