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    Indoor bike training???

    Hello Bmxersmattertoo, it would be better if you get him a bicycle trainer and there are many stores where you can easily get them. Recently, one of my friends has brought a Racermateinc computrainer through which he is performing his bicycle training indoors. There are many software available...
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    Corn for stamina

    I too agree with you Corzhens, corn is filled with Carbohydrates. Corn also provides healthy calories for metabolism and significantly prevents various ailments and builds up stamina. It provides readily available glycogen to the body that instantly generates energy. Pumpkins, Pomegranates...
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    My mtb training for 2017...some advice?

    Hello gontxo_nos, for doing marathons practice I have also started making use of Indoor Bike which are great power measuring trainers and constantly monitor my workout. You should also make use of such smart trainer bikes.