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    ACL to repair or not to repair. (knee ligament)

    On January 7th I got my knee fixed....finally. Back in October I badly ruptured my left calf and while at the doc's asked him if he did ACL reconstructions....His eyes lit up and within a week and after questioning his track record I decided he was the man for the job... I gave myself 2...
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    Lance Armstrong Won't Fight Usada Charges

    So they kept upping the bets, put all their chips on the table...called his bluffs for one last time and he folded. But there are no winners...
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    Thanks... could you click on the poll too?
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    2011 Giro D'Italia

    Maybe he farted.
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    Do you call your road bike a pushbike?
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    POLL : Broken Trek Frames

    My 5500 was in 3 mammoth crashes that would have bent steel or aluminium. Still going strong. I also have a 5.2 Madone that has yet to bare the brunt.
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    2010 Giro d' Italia: Stage 17: Brunico to Pejo Terme, 173 km

    Arashiro!!! ;) ( but I think he has a better chance tomorrow...he will likely get dropped in the last 4km today)
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    I have to admit, I am becoming a Cadel Evans fan.

    Just saw Evans and the Lampre rider shaking hands at the start sign in and have a chuckle together. glad there were no head buttings.
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    I have to admit, I am becoming a Cadel Evans fan.

    Thought I'd add the whole response on Cad's blog...
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    I have to admit, I am becoming a Cadel Evans fan.

    Last night Who was the rider that tried to pretend to pull the chase in front of Cadel...but was just slowing it down and then the wrists slapping fisti cuffs started? I thought Cadel was going to crash tackle him... Cadel pushed first but he had a right too... :eek:
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    2010 La Fleche Wallonne

    Take that Contador....
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    The final Radio Shack team...

    Looks like Beppu's big hand helping Lance in a breakaway of the TDF last year earned him a place on The Shack!
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    What are the best anti-theft tricks around?

    The cop probably sells them there.
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    yes or no?

    No, 'that's' the diference between a duck. Will Robbie McEwen win a stage in this year's TDF?
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    Hematocrit of the most famous riders

    I've been over 50% the last 2 years...49 something the year before. Must be something in the beer I drink.