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    new bike next year & Shimano going 11-speed in 2013

    Hi All, I'm one of those really careful bike buyers. I didn't move from 8spd to 10spd until 10spd hit Ultegra/105 & was good. I do the plink away little bits of $$ every payday and I wait. I figure next year around this time I'll be in the Madone 5.2 price range. I don't want to...
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    Going clipless

    Hi Amanda718, Could you post up a photo or a link to a photo of the shoe's sole/tread? I did a little googling and they look like they'd support a look & SPD type cleat. I think speedplays mount onto LOOK drilling with an adapter. Cheers! Joe
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    rotor q-rings

    After having seen the "remember biopace" rings, I would loove to hear praises, blasphemies, heresies and any other comment anyone would have on them. Also tech tips if you set 'em up yourself. Thanks in advance! -- Joe
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    11-28 cassette, chain length and b-tension screw adjustments

    Thanks for all the help/links. I have mine dialed in 100% accurate now.
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    The Best Sunglasses for Cycling

    Oh how I'd have to agree. I killed a pair of multi-lens sunglasses after an easy spill that didn't hurt me. $90 down the drain.
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    11-28 cassette, chain length and b-tension screw adjustments

    Hi All, Please steer me to the proper forum if I am in the wrong place. I recently installed an 11-28 cassette on my road bike. In doing so I'm learning that my b-tension screw is probably wrong and I might need to install a new chain. I made the chain a bit short to keep the top...