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    Fasting During Ramadan

    I like your sense of humor. ;-) Since this is a question about nutrition, i.e. the lack of, I'd say the nutrition forum is the proper place for this. The big thing is that I'd like to avoid is losing my hard earned muscle at the end of the racing season. Thanks, Jeo
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    Fasting During Ramadan

    This is my second year of being a Muslim, but I only lasted two and a half days without eating or drinking during last year's Ramadan. Obviously I would like to do better this time around. For those who do not know the requirement is to not eat or drink during daylight hours during the month...
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    How long did u wait to ride after vsctmy?

    I waited nine days and rode for about 25 minutes. I didn't seem to have any increased swelling until riding a a few days after than when I rode for an hour. That made the vas deferens area (well what's left of them) swell a bit, but it wasn't painful. At that point I started riding every day...
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    First Race

    I only started riding regularly again about a month and a half ago but since then I've been riding about 8-15 miles twice a work day as part of my commute. I'll then do longer rides of 25-40 miles on the weekends. Last season I was commuting about 60 miles total every work day so I haven't...
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    First Race

    I had my first (Cat 5) USCF race last weekend; The Tour Di Anna. It was a three part stage race in Fayetteville, Arkansas. Saturday morning was the three mile time trial. It was a lot harder than I thought it would be. I started off the first bit going 25 (no aero bars) but just pushed it...
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    First Race

    Sorry this is a duplicate.... If the moderator can delete it that would be great. I had my first (Cat 5) USCF race last weekend; The Tour Di Anna. It was a three part stage race in Fayetteville, Arkansas. Saturday morning was the three mile time trial. It was a lot harder than I thought it...
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    Are high gas prices making you bike more?

    Yeah, I'm actually planning on selling my other bike (2005 Honda Rebel) because gas, insurance, and the general unreliability of the motorycle motivates me to ride my road bike even more. Of the year I've had the motorcycle, it's been in the shop around 9 weeks. I commute every day, take my...
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    Spokes Breaking

    Glad to hear you didn't miss out too bad money wise. The bike shop said mine would cost around $12-15 and they can do it today. I've got a race this weekend so I don't want to take a chance on me messing up my only wheel. Also, since my bike is my car, my wife had to drop me off at work today...
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    Spokes Breaking

    Hey Brian, Did you figure out what was going on with the broken spokes? I've got the same rims and hubs. I bought them from Jensen USA last summer. Maybe you did too... I broke a spoke today on the freewheel side. Jeo
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    Cycling Shoes?

    There's a thread on road versus mtb shoes on here somewhere... I'm a roadie and use (very stiff) shimano mtb shoes. I like being able to walk in them. I used to wear real road shoes, but I always seemed to turn my ancle every once in a while. I don't see a performance benefit to road shoes...
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    Cycling Got You Down? Lol

    No such thing as a stupid question. I know it's weird, but a lot of people try and sabotage your fitness, particularly when they're lazy mo fos. Tell your friend to ride for a month and see how he feels. :)
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    attitude gets bad

    Could be wrong on this one, but I read in one of Carmichael's training books that overtraining can be indicated by an overly high resting heart rate. So for example, if it's normally 60 bpm first thing in the morning and after a couple days of riding it's 75, then that's a likely indicator of...
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    madone ssl

    Yeah, some guy had one on a training ride last week. He just took off at one point on that thing. Descended like a madman too. I'd sure get one if I could.
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    Cannondale Built in SRM Power Meter

    Yeah, I think I'll wait a bit then. Thank you.
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    Cannondale Built in SRM Power Meter

    So does anyone know where to get one of these aftermarket? And I don't want to spend two grand US either. ;-)