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    Should my legs hurt?

    Rubbish, you can be limited by other things before your legs hurt, an effort can still be maximal, just because it can't be maximal for you without your legs hurting does not mean it can't be the same for someone else.
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    What Ftp Does A 170 Lb Man Need To Do A 10 Hour Double Century?

    With appropriate aerodynamics you have more than enough all ready.
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    Should my legs hurt?

    My legs almost never hurt either, and I don't think ever in the way other people talk about it - if I'm completely undergeared and struggling up a steep climb then there's a sort of pain to them, but in normal cycling they pretty much never do, my back is fine. But I also rarely get out of the...
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    High 5-minute power; Increasing FTP?

    It might be a reasonable estimate if you only had 60 minute, but 5 minute power is correlated much better with 5 minute power than 60. It's pointless using it unless you've not got a clue what the 5 minute power is, which would be extremely unlikely, and easily remedied by a test.
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    High 5-minute power; Increasing FTP?

    My daily variation in maximal sub 5 minute is larger than 90% (due to motivation, whatever) so some days doing that target would make the effort maximal, or if the test wasn't on a maximal day it would make it potentially easy. Because of that daily variation I will always do efforts to PE...
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    Rehab Protocols for Multiple Trauma Rehab

    What is your physio saying, even if not in respect to training in respect to the nature of pain that is good versus bad (e.g. the pain that comes from the stretching tendons, breaking down scar tissue etc. that you need to do, vs the pain that will hurt, and how you might recognise the two in...
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    High 5-minute power; Increasing FTP?

    I think it's pretty odd to base power workouts on anything but max power for that duration, as you say on the thread ratio of 5 minute to 1 hour power varies considerably, why would you use 1 hour power for deciding your 5 minute power targets? Personally I'd base everything on what I can...
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    How 'untrained' am i?

    No-one really knows... how you'll respond to training etc. is an unknown. Are you in the UK? If so 5 and 20 minute power isn't very relevant to race success, and you already have the watts to be in most races, if your <2 min gives you a chance to win will be different. If your PM is...
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    Approach to improving FTP

    So unlike RadDaddyo, I know that for me, the biggest return on investment will be lots of short duration work around ~5 minutes, that will rapidly bring my FTP up and only after that's already brought it up do I find longer ones particularly helpful. E.g. to go from 280 to 320, just doing 5...
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    Approach to improving FTP

    For me, no, there's no real difference in those situations, I will always try and raise it as fast as possible - although that does mean type of training will change - but the sort of slow to gain adaptations I'd rather do with a high FTP, rather than a low one. So while the type and mix of...
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    Need some help with a training program for a long ride next year!

    Lots of people go from very little, to 125 mile a day for that sort of tour in the time you have, so you shouldn't have much of a problem at all I'd've said. You've already got a lot of experience and have done great with the weight loss and fitness gains, so they should continue well. Are...
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    Time Trial Training Help

    Here in the UK time trialling is possibly even more competitive than road racing (in a 10 mile TT today, you needed to beat 30mph average just to come in the top 86...) and there are lots of folk who train almost all the time on the turbo outside races and don't do more than 8 hours a week...
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    Time Trial Training Help

    Yes, I'm sure you can get to that on ~8 hours a week, I had no trouble getting back to where I was before the baby was born on much less training, even totally unstructured riding training with a serious bit of effort over a relatively short time period got me back for the shorter durations, the...
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    Is this normal? CTL, FTP and what now?

    I think you'll see a big gain, but it's impossible to really know for sure, as it may be that you do get to hit your realistic max performance in that time, but I really doubt it. I live in the UK, where obviously most people get to continue doing quite a lot of winter training, and the...
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    Noob trying to determine if I'm best suited for Climbs, TTs, or Sprints

    Mixed sex tandem hill climbing is probably a pretty niche sport, but it sounds quite fun, I just have to convince my wife that she'd want me as a partner in it! Actual mixed sex tandem racing actually is quite competitive here, a recent event one husband and wife team did a 19 ten mile TT...