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    KCNC C7 Brakes

    Check out the Ciamillo micros.... Much better brake than the KCNCs. The setup is pretty easy once you realize you need to keep the housing length in a manner that gives it a gentle arch. That keeps you from having to recenter.
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    New Bike Company

    Weve fixed the load issues, thank you for your input. We are now also selling direct and through our dealer network
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    Wilier Le Roi

    Well, check out the Tir na nog from Similiar to the Le Roi but a much better fork and higher grade carbon. Theframes are both made by the same people in Asia.
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    New Bike Company

    Yes, there are a few carrying them right now. You can contact Hawley's Bicycle World in Fayetteville NC, 910-425-3145 for more information. The weight on the frames is 1130 for a medium HM, a UHM is 1020 medium. The fork for both is 350grams. As we say on the web page, the frames are made for...
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    New Bike Company

    Thanks for the comments, we are right now waiting for the photos from the photographer for 'full' bikes complete with Red, etc. We ran into a problem initially (albeit good) that we sold out of all our bikes that we received in the initial first two shipments. Tied to the fact we're also waiting...
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    Irish frames now available

    After about a year and a lot of feedback from both riders on cyclingforums and local racers we've finally finished our first line of bikes at Irish Cycles. The bikes pretty much feature the same geometry you'll see on an Orbea Opal or a few Kuotas. Although we've already gotten a few frames...
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    New Bike Company

    Ah yes, well, we hit the lowest bidder on getting the site going and it shows! Thanks for the input, we'll have her fix it ASAP. We've actually got another site designer we're working with right now and hope to have hte full site up w/in 90 days
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    New Bike Company

    Ok, for those of you who helped us earlier on, we finally finished standing up our new company at . It took some time but we're there. The prices came in a bit higher then we anticipated initially but well within the market norms. For those of you who've been around 15+...
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    Serfas Sunglasses

    Serfas are ok but they die pretty quickly. You get what you pay for and they gunk up a bit under the sleeves on the Arms. Mine average about 120 days per pair before they are non-mission capable or arms break. But, for the price, they cannot be beat.
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    has anyone bought from

    Ok, for those of you out there, the truth is...... bikesdirect frames are probably the same that you get from some big name companies. motorbecan, etc, are all just trade names. recently i set up a bike company (Irish cycles at - forgive the intermediate website for now...
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    Are the 2 countries making/giving name to SCOTT bikes?

    Scott USA = cycling, skiing, goggles, etc. Scott USA bikes started to slide down hill in late 80s. Shifted their market to Europe where they were taking off Scott = Scott USA (combined) Scott produces their frames in China and Taiwan. Pretty good frames actually.
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    titanium frame strength

    Take some time and research carefully what you're looking for. Ti or steel is wonderful for your size. Carbon also works as well. It is a question of the engineering behind it. Ti, although extremely strong, is prone to flexing, there is no question about it, it is one of the inherent strengths...
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    Tubulars, Glue or double sided tape?

    Glue is safer. More contact, not also subject to being pulled off easy. Most people running high pressure in their tires or cyclocross will go w/glue for the reason that the tires can move a bit under those circumstances on the rim and it will shift the tape. Tape is quick and easy though so...
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    Should I buy the CS600 w/ power?

    My CS600 has been rocking pretty strong now for over a year. Love it. I had one power meter pick up that went south but Polar had it replaced w/in a week. Truth is all power meters I've seen, seem torequire servicing for one reason or another - SRMs for calibration, Power tap bearings get...
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    Looking for testers and initial purchases of a new model from Irish Cycles

    No, no, no. Not dumping. We're looking for 20 units to people, not wholesale dumping. Yes, we take a loss on the initial bikes. If you want to say we're dumping and out to get LBSs, I am not going to convince you but for those who are reading this for what it is we are looking for 20 people. No...