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    Campy 11 speed clearance

    Try backing the "B-screw" out to give more clearance between the pulley and the largest cassette cog. That will let the RD top pulley run lower and should give it more clearance since farther from the hub, the spokes angle away from the RD.
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    compatibility 7 spd cog with 8 spd sti

    Even though the spacing is technically different (4.8mm for 8s vs 5.0mm for 7s), it is close enough that it works fine. Set the RD limits first and use the low (largest rear cog) limit to lock out the 8th click. Then adjust the indexing from the middle rear cog.
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    New rims?

    If it is indeed worn through the X, I would replace. Just because one side is still good, you could have a blowout on the thin side.
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    Cleaning cassette.....

    With the wheel off of the bike, I use an old toothbrush to knock off the big debris, and then use a rag dampened with degreaser to "floss" the cassette. This gets it pretty clean. As suggested by others, only need to lube the chain.
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    How much bearing roughness is acceptable on new Ultegra hub?

    I have had many a new hub that needed adjustment out of the box. The hub is probably a bit tight and/or may need more grease. I would do as Peter suggested.
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    Gel handlebar pads; do they work?

    I recently acquired a used bike that had the Specialized gel pads on them. They do provide some additional padding, but increase the diameter of the bar. I have smallish hands so I removed the gel pads from the drops and left the gel pads on the tops of the bars, which provides a little...
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    How do you guys keep breaking your clavicle?

    Didn't break my clavicle but broke my scapula 5 1/2 wks ago. Not sure which is worse, but it hurt like hell. You are obviously going too slow when you crash :)
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    Do Oakley frames hold up?

    I've used a few of pairs of Oakleys over the years. Pretty good, but no way are they worth the cost premium over less expensive brands, in my opinion.
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    SPD-SL Pedals/Cleat Adapters

    No adapters needed for SPD-SL with the 3-bolt cleat.
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    My bike has many problems..

    You may find getting a bike repair manual to be helpful. Zinn and the Art of Mountain Bike Maintenance is pretty good. Bicycling magazine also published one. The Park tool site has most of the necessary information, but sometimes taking a book with good pictures into the shop can help alot.
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    Fsa Plus Shimano Equals Help!!

    I think that many people would agree (some would disagree) that Shimano rings shift a little smoother to the large ring than FSA. But even so, it should work fine with your current setup. I agree that you need to adjust the FD. Sounds like it is adjusted too far inboard or is angled to far...
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    fsa/dura-ace chainrings

    Presumably your FSA 42/53 cranks have a 130mm bolt-circle diameter (measure the distance between two adjacent chainring bolts--if it is 76.4mm, then you have 130mm BCD). If so, you can use Dura-ace or any other 130mm BCD chainrings
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    Campy Ultra Torque Help Please

    I think you will just have to see it. As already suggested, you have official blessings of all suppliers, so if something goes wrong, you should be covered by warranties.
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    Broken rear axle

    Back in the pre-freehub days, this was more common. Freehubs place the load farther out on the axle towards the dropout so less torque on the axle at the point where the picture shows--which was the common point of breakage. Your solution makes it even farther outboard.
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    Seat(or saddle?!) Fizik Poggio - is it Road or MTB?

    In my opinion there really shouldn't be a distinction between road or MTB. Use the saddle that is most comfortable for you. Whereas there may be some design features that make a saddle more likely to be suitable for one or the other, there really is a lot of cross over.