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    allow myself to introduce.......myself

    OKAY, i can take a hint...nobody answering me, yet 21 viewers. i'll just fade away into the oblivion of unreplied threads.
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    allow myself to introduce.......myself

    hey everyone, i live in the states, chicago here. i have a Spitfire FV3 by Pacific, Aluminum frame, full suspension. SIS Shimanno 21 speed with Acera Rapidfire shifters, and my handlebars say "Horizon" all over them. rear suspension is a large spring around a small strut, dont know if its gas or...
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    Bell - 8fn. digitial computer

    hi, i'm John, i'm new here. i have this Bell, digital bike computer. i lost the manual to it, and in the manual are the 4 digit "wheel size" codes. my wheels are 26", does anyone know what the code is? thanks!