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    City Riding

    City riding can also be fun, you just have to be extra aware of cars and traffic to be able to ride safely. Air pollution and heat can be a nuisance when riding through city streets, especially in heavy traffic areas. Some of the drivers can also be rude, so I just try to avoid them. I try to...
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    What Is The Farthest You've Ever Biked?

    The longest and farthest distance I've ever biked was in my estimate, around 200 km. in a single day. We were biking in a group and we started around dawn when it was still pretty dark, and we arrived at our destination at around 3 pm. in the afternoon.. So, it was a 11-12 hour ride. We rode...
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    Reflective Jackets

    Reflective jackets are useful when riding at night. I've seen firsthand the effectiveness of these jackets when I was following another guy riding in a road bike, the reflective parts become very bright with the slightest light coming from cars. It is especially obvious in the dark as the jacket...
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    Road Shorts Vs Mt Bike Shorts.

    I personally prefer lycra shorts over MTB shorts even though MTB shorts have lots of useful pockets. Those pockets does give MTB shorts an advantage but comfort when riding is the most important thing for me. Lycra shorts are more comfortable and doesn't get in the way when riding. I am not the...
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    How Do You Listen To Your Music When Cycling?

    I would not listen to music while cycling. It could impair your sense of hearing which is essential when riding through traffic. In other words, it would just be plain dangerous to listen to music while cycling. For example, you wouldn't hear the horns of cars and trucks and the whistling of...
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    Benefits Of Cycling

    Cycling is a tremendous endeavor and a good exercise that tests the limits of your body and mind. As with any type of physical activity, it's very rewarding and makes you feel great and become physically fit. Being more physically fit, your body and mind benefits and it shows.
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    Groupo Advice

    The DuraAce groupset is higher end compared to the Tiagra which one of their budget groupsets. Both of these groupsets are of high quality build though, and you would never regret installing these on your road bike. I think that the DuraAce groupset looks better and functions better even than...
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    Starting Out Road Cycling, How To Avoid Intimidation?

    My advice would be to always ride at the edge of road and not close to the center of the road... The reason is I encounter a lot more close calls when I'm on the center island of a road than on the edge close to the pedestrian walk. And, vehicles travel faster when on the center of the road than...
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    Does Sweating Decrease The More You Cycle?

    I've found that I sweat more now that I've been riding for a while and my body has become more athletic. Although, the humidity here in my country is off the charts... I really think that I'm sweating more. Although, an office mate of mine said that sweating a lot is a sign of a healthy body.
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    I never really use sunscreen because I like to have those tan marks in my arms and legs. But, I think I should use one because of the worsening UV radiation of the atmosphere. I may consider using sunscreen next time I join a long distance group ride. I would consider the recommendations in this...
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    Hydration During Cycling

    We are about the same size... 5'9, 160 lbs. Like you, I used to drink a lot when riding. And because of that, I have to stop and take a **** a lot of times during the ride. Which is very irritating. But, I learned something after experiencing riding those 350 miles, really long distances... You...
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    Building A Bike Up From The Frame

    It'll definitely cost more because you'll be putting in some high end groupset on that frame. You'll want the best bike parts for yourself, so you won't save on parts. That's what happens when you build a bike from the frame up. But it's definitely a lot of fun, trust me. You'll eventually...
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    How Often Do You Flat?

    Thankfully, I haven't had a flat tire for a while now. I've done my best to avoid scattered broken glass and stuff on the road. When I do get a flat tire, I just bring out my trusty tire repair kit, pump some air in the tires, and continue riding.
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    Should I Replace My Tires?

    I really think that you should replace those 26 year-old tires. There are lots of high quality and affordable choices out there. And, some of the new tires have Kevlar on them that make them somewhat resistant to punctures from those pesky broken glass on the road. I really hate those broken...
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    If You Bike At Night You Need A Light

    I would recommend rear blinking lights for increased visibility from incoming traffic at night. Reflective jackets are also good when riding at night. I think headlights are not as needed because there are plenty of street lights on city roads. If you happen to ride frequently on a road that has...