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    Screw for trek emonda handlebar mount

    Hello, I bought a K-Edge computer mount that is supposed to be compatible with the 2021 Trek Emonda bars, but the screw won't screw in. Does this pic of the hole look normal? Thanks a lot
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    Is my canyon seatpost trashed?

    Hello, I had to travel with my bike recently and removed the seatpost for the first time in about 3 years. It looks to be in bad shape. See link. The frame is a Canyon Ultimate CF SLX. Does this seatpost need to be replaced? Is it dangerous to ride? Thanks a lot for...
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    Chain comes off big ring when cross-chained

    Hello, Sometimes when I'm in the 53/28 combo, the chain will pop off to the smaller 39 ring. This is a big problem because when in this 53/28 combo, I'm usually pedaling with high load on a slight rise not wanting to shift down to the 39. Any thoughts on the main reason for this? I'm running...
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    Is this hub axle cap supposed to come off like this?

    Hi, This cap can easily fall off when I remove the wheel from the dropouts. Just wondering if this is normal?? I think it is. There are no threads anywhere for this cap to screw onto. If it is normal for this cap to come off, it seems like a poor design. A least 5-6 times, the freehub body has...
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    Tiny screw for dura ace shifter??

    Hi, A screw fell out of my Dura Ace 9100 shifter. See pic. It's a very small screw that holds together a piece of plastic. I have never experienced this with any other Shimano shifters I've had over the years. Any idea how I can get a replacement screw? Thanks a lot
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    Will newer di2 solve for this?

    I have ridden older versions of Di2 and it was, 99% of the time, fantastic. But there is a specific instance where I prefer mechanical. After accelerating on a climb for a minute or so in a fairly large gear (maybe 39/17), and my legs are about to give out, I need to immediately go up two or...
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    Carbon frame bubbles??

    I removed the bottle cage on my downtube and noticed a lot of corrosion from sweat, energy drinks, etc. It doesn't wipe off. Have you ever seen something like this. Is it something with the clear coat?? Thanks
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    How often to max out heart rate?

    Hello, Just wondering how often an athlete should try to max out heart rate. I've heard that bodybuilders try to max out a muscle group every couple weeks. Should the same hold true for the heart? I have been racing and training hard for about 6 years now, and I rarely, if ever, reach my max...
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    Question about magnet strength

    Hi, I've been using a bike computer wheel magnet to help with internal cable routing challenges. It works ok in that the magnet can find the cable thru the frame, which helps get the cable closer to the hole. But I'm wondering if a stronger magnet could help more, and maybe drag the cable to...
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    Specialized tarmac bb cover replacement screw?

    Thanks, CampyBob for the suggestions. Yes, there was a insert that came out with the screw. The LBS showed me the mangled piece before throwing it away. I could go back to the LBS, but was hoping there would be something simple I could do, and wouldn't cost $40.
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    Specialized tarmac bb cover replacement screw?

    The screw for the bottom bracket cover stripped, so the LBS had to drill it out. Any idea if this screw is something I can purchase? This one I can't get a response from Specialized. Thanks a lot
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    Spoke pulled thru carbon rim. fixable?

    I was in a crash a couple days ago and a spoke pulled through the rim. It ripped thru the rim pretty good. Is this worth trying to fix? Thanks. See it here
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    Anyone know how to remove this bottom bracket cable cover?

    Hi, I have a 2015 Specialized Tarmac frame and need to replace the RD cable. But I can't get this cover off. I've Googled this many ways but still don't know the method of removal. I'm guessing that rusty thing is a small allen bolt. I tried to unscrew it, but haven't applied huge torque yet as...
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    Shipping A Canyon Bike To Mexico?

    Random question: I live in the San Diego USA area (which is close to the Mexico border). Since Canyon does not sell to USA buyers, is it plausible to ship a bike to a resort (or someplace that can hold it for a fee) across the Mexican border? It might sound crazy, but why not. I've traveled...
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    Oops. This Piece Came Off My Sram Red 22 Chainrings.

    Hi, While removing my chainrings from the Red 22 crank, a washer looking piece (bottom right) fell out. I don't know where it goes. I think it's for the hidden bolt, but?? Anyone know? Thanks