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    trainers or rollers? magnetic or whatever?

    Thanks for all the help, I'll look into it.
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    trainers or rollers? magnetic or whatever?

    I'd like to buy a trainer or roller to keep me in shape over the winter, but I'm a bit confused on options. I'm looking to spend $200 or less. For that price, what should I look for, and what is the difference between fluid, magnetic, or whatever other systems are availible for that price range?
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    dieting advice

    Thanks for the replies, although I guess I phrased my question wrong. What steps, if there are any, can I take to train under a calorie deficit and still get enough carbohydrates to ride well? I know some of you serious racers watch your weight closely, so I hope you might have some insight...
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    Carbon frame or shimano 105

    105 is better, but its important to be satisfied with your frame. I'm not familiar with these bikes, but I would buy the composite frame and upgrade later if Tiagra doesn't cut it.
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    dieting advice

    I am looking for advice on a good diet, both for decent results and weight loss. Let me start with a little information. I am 20 years old, 5'7," 150-155 lbs in the morning. I have tested my body fat on a machine at a gym recently... not sure how accurate it is, but it said 13.5%. I used...
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    HILLS Yay or Nay

    I like that sentiment... wish I shared it. I feel the same way about wind though. My favorite discipline is time-trialing. Not that I have ever competed in a time trial, but being a former distance runner-turned-cyclist, I have a time-trialist's mindset. I hate hills, they screw up my pace...
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    Hi, need advice for newbie please

    I had almost this exact same delima not 7 or 8 months ago. try ebay or for good deals on decent entry-level bikes. Most of them are off-brand frames with entry-level name-brand components and will stand up to a surprising ammount of abuse. The important thing is that you get a...
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    2007 Lessons learned

    With one race and half a season of real training under my belt, I now know: Hills are not HILLS (bumps in Louisville won't prepare you for a race with a cat 3 climb and 3 cat 4s) Don't ride to another city and back, covering considerably more distance than you ever have before... on a dare...
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    Ethical question....

    I wasn't planning on taking the bike, I was posting to see how people would react. To be honest, I kinda felt bad when the thought crossed my head... However, your reply is actually a really good, legal, honest idea and I just might look into it.
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    Ethical question....

    Yeah... I wouldn't want bad karma coming my way, but I do have a little bitterness about my own stolen bike.
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    Motobecane Nemesis

    It does sound a little small, and I bet the top tube is shorter than the 52 frame. I'd say check a similar bike out in a shop before you commit to buying the 49
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    Ethical question....

    Let me first say I'm not really serious, this is just kind of a "what if" kind of question... University of Louisville is in, to put it nicely, not the kind of neighborhood you'd want to leave your bike outside in. I know this, so I keep my road bike, my baby, my most pized possesion, in...
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    upgrade.. but what??

    It all depends on how much money you can spare. I have this delima as well. I am a college student living off my parent's teet and a part time pizza delivery job that offers about 50 dollars a week to spare on my bike, so obviously I can't afford much. Nothing you buy will make you faster...
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    Music when riding

    I ride with music most of the time, and I don't think it's a problem if the rider is responsible. It's not because cycling is boring or anything. On the contrary, I love riding. But it can get hard to do anything, even if you love it, for 3 or 4 hours at a time. Besides, the feeling of your...
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    Motobecane Nemesis

    I'm pretty sure you can pick between several sizes when you order the Nemesis. 54cm would probably be fine for you as long as you have proportional legs to your height. As in, if you have short legs for a person your height, it would be better to size down a little. However, the size you pick...