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    Following the Tour

    Thanks for the replies! I am flying to Brest for the start and hiring a car and bringing a tent! Following the tour til Cholet then driving back into Paris. If anyone reading this wants to join me for the 6 day adventure feel free to PM me. not long now :) Jonny
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    Following the Tour

    Gday, I wish to follow the Tour de France for the first 5 days. Has anyone on these forums done this before? How is the best way to get around? Do they have buses? I'm kinda backpacking so will be on a budget. Do most towns have cheap hostels? Can you camp? Any tips would be helpful cos this...
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    Trackbike for sale

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    Trackbike for sale

    oops looking for $500ono
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    Trackbike for sale

    Sorry forgot to put in a contact mob 0411 131 754
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    Trackbike for sale

    Gday, selling this guy 53cm Hillbrick steel frame Campagnolo Cranks 165mm with 48T, 49T chainrings and 14T &15T sprockets Cinelli Bars and stem. Miche hubs. pedals and straps not included located in Sydney, Australia cheers Jonny
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    New Track Bike

    Im up for a new track bike. Been looking at a Fuji Track Pro which can be got for bout $1600 here in Australia. Any of you guys have one of these??? what do you think of them? What other options are available?? Thanks Jonny
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    Sprinter's poll...

    What's your best 200m tt (or kilo)? 11.4sec on Dunc Gray( hand timed) WHat gear were you riding? 90 inch How much can you squat in the gym? atm 120kg x 5 How deep was that? thighs parallel to the floor Roughly what percentage of your training time is dedicated to endurance work? not much...
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    Weight training

    Zac, Track sprinters would want to do explosive squats and leg presses and olympic style cleans. Do stiff leg deadlifts(not explosive) to strengthen your back. cheers Jonny
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    Pedals??Look or Shimano SPD-R/SL

    I ended up buying the SPD-SLs. I saw the price of the Looks with float :eek: and went with the Ultegra SLs(over $100 less). Went out for a quik spin yesterday to adjust them and they feel pretty good. I pull out of Looks pretty easily when at accelerating at traffic lights so I have cranked up...
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    Embarrassed to spend the cash...

    If the money isn't needed for something more important (eg mortgage, cc debt) you might aswell get the new bike. Otherwise it will just slowly be spent on useless stuff. Also if it makes your cycling more enjoyable it's worth it. :D More time on the bike is never bad. Cheers Jonny
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    Can Sprinters Time Trial?

    At a professional elite level there is a difference in TT and sprinters .ie Road riders. If it were at a club level these so called sprinters would still timetrial the pants off any club racer. Most road sprinters were considered Time trialers on the track. Baden Cooke did his time in the aussie...
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    Knee Reconstruction

    Boomer, I had the problem of retearing the hamstring constantly because I recovered so fast:D . My physio told me to stop walking around so much. The orthopedic surgeon who did mine does that many each day ;) The day i had my first reconstruction I was the last and I counted 8 people in...
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    the kilo?

    The current Bicycling Australia Magazine has a good article on what it takes to ride the kilo. I had a quik browse of it in the newsagent. It said something about almost a 50/50 split in anaerobic/aerobic energy systems. Jonny
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    Knee Reconstruction

    Shaneo, The surgeon that did my first and second reconstruction is probably one of the best in australia. He does recons on professional rugby league/union, AFL players and Olympic skiers. He said the use of the patella tendon caused too many problems. eg unable to fully bend the knee to...