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    Central america

    I'm currently making videos about my 2013 Central America bicycle tour. They might be of interest to anyone who is planning a tour along the Pan-American Highway. My latest is about the experience I had in Honduras... View:
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    What Is The Farthest You've Ever Biked?

    I've cycled coast to coast across Canada. It added up to almost 9,500 km over exactly 100 days. The most I've cycled in one day was 250 km on a 1970's road bike. I did that two days in a row.
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    Flat bar road bikes.

    I was thinking of building up a vintage frame with flat handlebars. I have them on my touring bike and it enables me to ride all day, rather than just a few hours. Thanks for bringing this up.
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    Fitness cycle or bicycle?

    I would highly recommend buying a real bicycle. A stationary bike is no fun and it doesn't really work well to give you meaningful exercise. The best part about cycling is to get outside and explore new routes, climb and descend hills and breathe lots of fresh air. You improve your fitness while...
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    Bike mods – seeking advice

    Hi, I’m probably not qualified to advise you on gearing, as I ride a vintage chromoly bike from the 80’s with a 54/48 and a six speed freewheel. I love this set up and it gets me sweating and breathing heavy, which I think is awesome. For the tracking device, you can’t go wrong with this thing...
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    I experience this on average once a week. I live in Edmonton, AB, Canada. We have a strong cycling community, but also a large number of oil workers, many of whom are jobless right now. There is a segment of the population who perceive anyone who does not burn fuel when they're travelling as the...
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    Aluminum action camera mounts and accessories

    Looks like great stuff!
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    Dropouts, forged or not?

    That seems kind of unusual for a modern quality touring bike and it would definitely make me rethink my purchasing decision. After all, you don't buy a new bike every time you plan a tour, so you'd like it to last and be happy with it. I would look for a different bike. However, if everything...
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    Bike keeps shifting gear on me...:(

    Your problem may well be a misaligned rear derailleur. To find out, you would have to unscrew the derailleur from the hanger (you can leave the chain on and just leave it hanging). There is a special tool that allows you to measure the alignment. You need to check four points on the wheel. It...
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    Did You Ride Today?

    Went for two rides yesterday. First one was in the morning, while my wife Barbara was sleeping in. It was on my vintage entry level road bike (a late 1970's all steel bike that some wouldn't touch because it's heavy and well, entry level: View: ). The ride was long...
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    I'm surprised more people don't post here!

    Hi. My name is Jorg Schlagheck. I'm new to this forum and still trying to figure out how to get started. My greatest passion is bicycle touring and when I'm not touring I do small rides. Not sure if it's okay to link to Youtube here, but this video here shows pretty much how I ride every day. It...