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    Cancun cycling

    Howdy folks! My wife and I will be on vacation in Cancun the end of January. I've seen a place where I can rent a road bike. Elite Cyclery seems to have decent rates. Can anybody tell me if it is worth my time to road bike in Cancun? Keep in my mind I will also be with my in-laws, so going on...
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    Indoor rollers vs. trainer

    Thanks for the replies and helpful information so far.
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    Indoor rollers vs. trainer

    Hello all! The last couple of winters I have used a indoor stationary recumbent style exercise machine to replace cycling. I'm kind of sick of it. This coming winter I was thinking of buying rollers or a trainer. What do all of you prefer for indoor cycling using your own bike? I am kind of...
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    Do you ride knowing it's going to rain ?

    Just last week I headed out for a ride after checking the radar. A big blob of green was heading my way in about an hour, so I scheduled an hour long ride. I got soaked the last 5 minutes of the ride, and the wind was almost pushing me in the other direction. It was fun. I won't do that all...
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    Welcome to the gcn show !

    I like it. I'm also a GCN watcher on youtube.
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    Trip To Hawaii

    Wow...this thread came back from the dead. Since it did I will share how it went. Maui is by far the best vacation spot I have ever been to! The scenery is amazing everywhere you go with lots of fun exploring to be had. I rented a cheap Trek road bike from South Maui Cycles. I liked the...
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    I have a banana every day for breakfast. It might not be the best thing, but it's quick and easy.
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    power-assist,is it bicycling or not ?

    This thread came back from the dead! I used to commute to work on a Prodecotech folding electric bike. It was great for my 7 mile commute. I would always ride my road bike for fitness. The electric was just for commuting purposes. I've since sold my electric bike, because my commute is much...
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    How Would You Describe "Cycling Culture"?

    There's something special about being a cyclist, and all cyclist's know it. Here's how I know: When I'm on a ride, and I pass another cyclist, we give each other a wave or head nod. We don't know anything about one another, but we know enough to wave. When I was in Hawaii the wave was the...
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    How Many Miles Does It Take For Stress Relief?

    Any time I'm on the bike on a beautiful day is a stress reliever no matter how long the distance.
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    One Thing You Can't Help But Carry With You On A Bike

    I live in Wisconsin where it gets cold during the late fall and winter. Lately I haven't been able to go riding without my jersey I bought in Maui a month ago. It reminds me of cycling in one of the most beautiful places on earth!
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    Jehovah's Witnesses, do they cycle? :D

    I'm a Jehovah's Witness and I cycle. I understand that some in here will always stick to their ideas of us. But, for those who are actually curious, here are the facts of what we believe and why we believe it. Who is Jehovah? Who is Jesus...
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    Weird Dreams?

    Here's my recurring dream I've had since I was a child. In my dream I am a tightrope walker at the circus. I'm doing my act, and as I look out over the cowd I blink. When I open my eyes I am walking power lines that somehow span the grand canyon. I get nervous, slip, and fall. I'm falling...
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    Can't Seem To Pull the Trigger!

    Have you considered a slightly used bike? My 2013 Giant TCR SL1 was a $2,000 bike when new, but I bought it for $900. It's a great aluminum frame with full Ultegra components. The previous owner even swapped the wheels right away for a different set, so the wheels/tires that came with it are...
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    abandoned bikes

    When I was a kid my Dad pulled a Schwinn Predator BMX bike out of the dumpster. It was so random that he even saw it poking out, but that bike would certainly be considered abandoned. My Dad replaced the front wheel and repainted it. He then gave it to me as a surprise gift. I was ecstatic!