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    Hi Admin hello from Dadeville AL

    Pretty much you don't update your profile, nobody can get to the user cp and the admin has been scarce to say the least. A lot of members choose to migrate over to another forum (there's a thread on this on the first page or so of bike cafe).
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    2008 Vuelta : Stage 1 : Granada-Grananda : 7Km (ITT)

    So, who's got coverage of this online?
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    Bike Products you wish were available...

    So, explain to me, how a person with no clothes on could be a crossdresser?
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    Bike Products you wish were available...

    I'd like a $20 powertap(or simply enough $$$ to buy one), really, or is that too wacky? I think you could do the single brake lever for both brakes with a piece from a "gyro" (I think it's called, it's used for freestyle BMX bikes so they can spin the bars) that splits the cable into two. But...
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    Cannot improve sprint

    Well it could be, I figure that if 500 watts is suposed to be equal to leg pressing 60 pounds per leg (aka 120 pounds), then the 1k to 2k watts of a good to world class sprint works out to something like leg pressing 240-480 pounds. Personally those figures wouldn't require any weight training...
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    Four Olympic Horses Test Positive

    Horsepower from a horse
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    do you pee off your bike?

    Watching the olympic triathalon, one of the guys has a *yellow spot* on his suit.. (whitfield in fourth!!!)
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    Oh Dear - When Marketing People Do Science

    Ya, to the average person at the LBS buying a bike, 57s per hour would make a lot more sense than 1.58%. Even though it really doesn't make any sense, if you think about it at all.
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    100 meter dash

    Well the 200 world record is something like 9 seconds, but that's with a rolling start. A standing start would probably make it pretty close, due to the logistics of accelerating a bike vs. accelerating on foot. 50 meters in a runner would probably be ahead.
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    new bike

    Two things that pop into my mind: 1, Somethings rubbing that shouldn't be rubbing (probably the brakes). 2, You mentioned the different gears, it should be intuitive, but make sure your using those gears and that your spinning fast enough. And well three things, seat position does affect your...
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    Where can I watch olympic track cycling online?

    CBC has it listed for live coverage.
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    Official website to Olympics?

    Worked fine for me (in canada).
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    Crazy Dura Ace Prices!

    Uh, ya, half of those components are worth more than my bike... But damn, that crankset is nice!
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    Evans: Broken collar bone?

    No. The deal was he's had something like 8 broken collar bones in his career, supposedly he bruised it today.
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    is it all the bike?

    ...and I'm still using downtube shifters...