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    I want to buy a "Benelux" Trek

    I live in the United States and would like to purchase a Trek which is sold only in Europe (why do you guys always get the good stuff?). Can anyone give me a link for a dealer I could order from?
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    What Bike(s) do you ride?

    For the commute to work (if warm enough), cheap Chinese cruiser. I lock it up outside and don't worry anyone touching it, since it is so cheap. This thing blows off all the stress of the workday on the way home, and for this I owe it a world of gratitude. For the trails, I have an '03 Santa...
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    behind bad eyes

    My eyes are terrible, and I have no choice but to ride with glasses or sunglasses. I suppose you should ride with something to protect your eyes, no matter what, but I want my peripheral vision back. I've decided to get laser surgery to correct the problem. I won't be able to do it until...
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    What's your age, when did you start riding?

    First bike, age four. Made my dad take off those training wheels. I've been riding ever since, with a short hiatus in my early twenties (the only time I've ever been overweight). I don't know the brand of my first bike, it was just red and little. Bought myself a Diamond Back BMX when I was...
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    Do Mt. Bikers Ski or Board?

    I ski, but have heard that snowboading is easier. Is this true? I'd really like to try it.
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    Campaign for cyclists' rights: riding on pavement

    Too bad you're not pushing for bike paths instead. We have many in my town, and except for where they intersect roads, it's just you and other cyclists. I know how you feel, I have been hit as well. But boudreaux is right, you should not ride your bike down the sidewalk. People are not...
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    do you pee off your bike?

    Okay, girls, after reading all this, check out these sites: and Now you too can pee from your bike if needed. The first has an eight inch hose, they don't say...
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    cycling movies

    Thank you, Stiff Upper Lip, you are a true gentleman.
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    Check out my Klein design!

    Very impressive. I saw that contest and thought no way could I win that. Maybe next year.....
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    Hallucinating on the Bike

    Pick your Poopy?:eek: I'm sure you must mean Poppy?
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    cycling movies

    "Beijing Bicycle" is a pretty good one. Shows just how much a person will do for a bike, even a crappy Chinese one (no offense, anyone, those mass produced bikes are the same no matter where they come from....)
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    Why do you love to ride?

    Why do I love to ride? Because there is nothing like it in the whole world that makes me feel so high!
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    What did your partner want instead of you getting a new bike ?

    He wanted me to get it, but I was hesitant at first to drop over 2k for a bike. I'm the one who thought of all the things we could do to our house with that money. I'm so glad he did encouraged me to get it (best bike I've ever owned - Santa Cruz Heckler), I ended up getting one for him for...
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    Well, 1st thoughts on MTB

    I know I'm going to get booed and hissed at for this, but how about some flat pedals (which you can get fairly cheap) until you become a better rider! If you are concentrating on clipping in all the time, you won't truly be able to focus on all those roots and rocks, especially on the hills. I...
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    Grip shift vs rapid fire

    I was a grip shift fan till I got my brain in gear (no pun intended) with my thumb and forefinger. Now that I can shift without thinking, the rapid fires live up to what they're called. Shifting is faster and smoother, thus giving more control on the trail. The only reason I started out with...