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    How long should tires last?

    I have about 1200 miles on my Specialized Roubaix Pro, my rear tire nearly worn out. Is this weird or normal?
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    Sit Bones Rocking On Saddle

    Okay, I'm going to lower it a little bit and see what happen. The current saddle is a Romin.
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    Sit Bones Rocking On Saddle

    No one?
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    Sit Bones Rocking On Saddle

    I've posted here before about sit bone pain while riding my new Specialized Roubaix Pro. The saddle is much firmer than the previous saddle on my old bike. I've been trying to ride more frequently to see if that would help but i'm still getting almost bruising on my sit bones. I've tried...
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    Going Downhill

    They are not full carbon rims. They are carbon but have they the aluminum braking surface. When you say practicing descents, what things should I be working on?
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    Going Downhill

    I've been cycling for 7 years, nothing crazy just 15-20 miles a ride 2-3 times per week. I just got a new all carbon bike with deep dish aero wheels. Ever since I upgraded bikes i'm much more scared with descents down canyon roads. I don't know if it's the wheels, the bigger frame, or maybe...
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    Getting Used To Deep Dish Wheels

    I bought some 52 Mavic Cosmic Carbon wheels. This is my first set of deep dish wheels and have been shocked at the difference when the wind hits you. It really throws you around. I'm a casual cyclist, is there anything i can do to get used to this? When I i'm hitting speeds around 30-35 it's...
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    Chain Noise

    I'm slow with this kind of stuff. I don't understand why being on the bike would make the chain noise louder? Can you explain that.
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    Best Fitting Website

    Where can I find the best info on bike setup. Especially saddle height and cleat mounting? I've been getting a saddle sore on only one side and need to figure out if i need a new saddle or if I just need to adjust it. Thanks.
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    Chain Noise

    I've got a new bike that's a mix of Ultra and Dura Ace components. I've put around 100 miles on the bike and felt like it wasn't shifting as well and I was getting a lot of chain noise. I had a friend come over and do a tune up. When the bike is in the stand i can still hear the chain noise a...
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    Saddle Help

    I just got a brand new 14 Specialized Roubaix Pro. It's quite an upgrade from my 07 Roubaix. On my old bike a SMP saddle that worked fairly well. It had a lot more padding than my new Specialized saddle. I've been riding my new bike for a month about 50 miles per week. I'm getting quite a...
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    Favorite Chain Lube

    What's everyone's favorite chain lube. I'm looking for something that lasts fairly long and doesn't make a real mess. I used to use Prolink, is that still popular?
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    Carbon Wheel Help

    The Cosmic Carbone SLS were the wheels I was looking at.
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    Carbon Wheel Help

    I'm looking to get some carbon rims to replace my Roval SLX23. I mainly want to upgrade for the looks. I like the looks of the bigger wheel with the graphics. I weigh around 205 and have seen some say they are for lighter riders. Should I be worried about that? I've also read where you have...
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    Squeek On New Bike

    Just took delivery of a new old stock 2014 Specialized Roubaix Pro, just took it for a bit and noticed that there is a squeek coming from somewhere in the drivetrain while pedaling. Where do you start to look for this and is it weird to have it on a brand new bike?