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    Sydney Spring Cycle.....

    Didn't say it wasn't worth doing, just that I wouldn't do it again. There's a lot of people there who aren't very competent riders and I'd prefer to just do a ride with a few trusted friends. It was nice to do once, but I think once is enough.
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    Can you tell a difference between a 12-25 and a 12-27?

    I guess you could ask 'what's the detriment?'. It's hard to see any real downside to the 12-27. I'm middle aged and have had a few surgeries. My back doesn't like grinding high gears. I got a compact crank and a 12-27. If I run out of gears going downhill I coast. I can pedal up to 60kph so...
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    Sydney Spring Cycle.....

    did it a few years ago - wouldn't bother again.
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    Cycling in Port Macquarie

    Look up the PM Ironman course - 60k out and back (3x for Ironman). clicky, clicky for PDF
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    Guys wearing yellow jerseys

    Wore a Livestrong shirt to a local Ironman earlier in the year and a guy said "oh, so you're a big Lance Fan, eh?". I just said "not particularly, I just thought supporting Cancer research seemed like a good idea". To his credit he nodded and said, "Fair enough, good on you". All this talk...
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    Guys wearing yellow jerseys

    hey cool, once we get past jerseys, can we do team bikes? you bastards better not get one of these unless you rode Beijing :eek:
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    Bike riding Australia

    Start in Melbourne. Nothing to do with the ride, it's just always better to be leaving Melbourne and heading to Sydney. :cool: ;)
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    Cell BEAST

    and I think they've been 'outed' before...
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    Driver takes down 50 cyclists - none killed

    last I heard he'd done a runner :mad:
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    Bike Choice, Cervelo Soloist vs Scott CR1

    Soooooo, that would be a vote for the Soloist or the Scott?
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    Bike Choice, Cervelo Soloist vs Scott CR1

    mine's red/silver and I like it. Originally I wanted the grey anodised but when I saw the red/silver in person it I was quite taken by it - looks way better in real life than in pics /k
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    Bike Choice, Cervelo Soloist vs Scott CR1

    I agree. Bought mine about 4 months ago and I'm quite fond of it. ;) Try George at Endeavour Cycles in Gymea. Circumstances meant I couldn't get it from him but I wish I could have. /k
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    where for nice bike wallapers

    some cool ones here
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    Cycling software/websites - what would you like to see in one?

    Web wise it's pretty much covered at I prefer standalone applications so wrote my own (which I'll expand for triathlon use as that's where my interest lies). /k
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    Consumer Warning!!

    No probs, we agree. My 9yo daughter rides a really nice Giant with a very solid frame, nice gears and good brakes. It will get handed down to my son when the time is right and she'll get a new one /k