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    convert auto shift bike to normal gearing

    This is exactly what I needed. (Does anyone want to buy an Autostream?) I have been looking at ready to ride bikes and am wonder if you have any in sights about where to look. The nearest bike shops are about 100 miles away. Of the shops I've visited only one impresses me much. 2ND Hand...
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    Where are you from,what do you do?

    Hi,I'm Karl & I live in Harlowton, Montana USA. I used to bike quite a bit when I was younger but kind of let it slide in the face of family & life obligations. Last summer I went on a 4 day ride and discovered biking all over again. It was a huge amount of fun. Now I'm trying to figure out...
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    convert auto shift bike to normal gearing

    I recently bought a GT autostream bike at a garage sale. I think the auto shift idea is silly. I would like to use what I can of this bike to build a touring bike. Is this a good idea given the frame geometry? Will it cost me more than just buying a decent touring bike? (The frame appears to...