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    Is it okay to ride if you are hypertensive?

    I was hoping to read more about this topic because my friend is suffering from this condition and I thought riding would help. Maybe a less strenuous ride until he hears from his doctor. Is there a doctor in this forum :)
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    Does biking create bigger legs?

    My calves and thighs are now more toned but not big. That was mainly due to cycling and or walking briskly on my training days. I do not think girls should be worried about developing bigger muscles on their legs they should appreciate the fact that cycling would help them tone up.
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    Worlds smallest bike.

    That was quite funny I think. I was wondering at first how can someone fit into it and more so use it but the bike did it quite well. Maybe a real race using this bike would be something interesting.
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    Challenging yourself

    I have never reached my plateau yet for some obvious reasons. I had tried to change routines, increase the distance and so on to avoid getting bored at cycling. That is the only reason why I would modify my training routine.
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    Do you actually mind when people ride on the path when you are a pedestrian?

    As a pedestrian I think it is not right for the cyclist to use the pavement just to avoid issues in the future. We tend to ignore certain things because they are not causing us harm or any inconvenience.
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    Anyone Here Use Creatine?

    I had used it before but not with cycling. It helps gain a bit of a swelling on your muscles to give you that bulk. I used the word swell because once you stop using it your muscles will slowly go back to their usual appearance. I do felt stronger though I did not know where I got that extra...
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    Cycling to work and hairstyles

    If you have an unruly hair or a limp one then this should be a bit of a worry. I do not know how to deal with it myself so I always end up using a cap to cover the unsightly marks left on my hair by the head gear.
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    Riding with lascivious men

    I understand why kept silent about the advances but it did not work for her in my honest opinion. I think she could have done something about it like talk to these riders. Some people may think that silence means you consent to their advances
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    Fiesta ride

    I know some local events that are being organized by some enthusiasts in my city but I hardly have the time to enlist and join. I think these events are more and more getting more fun with all these interesting aspects added to them like tourism, travel and other advocacy
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    Do you wash your feet?

    I can not think of skipping the legs or feet when you shower. Maybe I can do that when in a hurry but not every time. I am more concern with choosing between cold or hot shower after the gym or long ride. Some prefers cold some hot.
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    Co-worker needs to gain weight

    I used to be like your friend. No matter what I do or eat I never seem to bulk up. I needed to be at a certain weight during those times in order to engage in certain activities but I just gave up on the thought. I realized these things that I will be eating will just harm my body and other...
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    Bike addiction?

    I love collecting all sorts of things big and small, cheap and luxury. I do feel guilty though when I spend exorbitantly on one seemingly unimportant thing. I think that guilt keeps a good balance when I tend to overspend but I am glad I never made more than a hundred pieces per collection.
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    Makers of Sodas Try a New Pitch: They’re Healthy

    A soda is still a soda. I am not sure how can someone change that fact including the bad effects of it on the body. When I was younger I loved sodas of all kinds and did not think for a second that it was bad for me. Now that I am slowly having some issues with my health I am beginning to...
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    Redbull Vs. Pepsi ?

    I had stopped drinking these kinds of drinks. But if I were to choose, it would have to be Peps as Red Bull is too strong for me. I do not know but it gives me some palpitations.
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    Laugh if you want: I never learned how to ride a bike...

    When I was a kid I borrowed my friend's bike and learned on my own. I thought I would never learn that quick. That served as my motivation to continue practicing each day until I mastered balancing my stiff body and learned to let loose of my firm grip.