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    Wanting to take the plunge...

    Fun, isn't it? :) The best way to get fit is to keep riding! Most BUGs do have a wide mixture of ages. There are all sorts of riding groups, but a BUG is a good starting place to get advice, learn skills and gain fitness. You may find that other groups suit you better, particularly as you...
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    Wanting to take the plunge...

    BUG = Bicycle User Group. Most of them do social rides, catering to all abilities and speeds. You can usually find contacts from your state's cycling organisation. You said you're in Melbourne - try here: Club or Bicycle User Group — Bicycle Victoria Sure, they're fine as long as you're...
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    Wanting to take the plunge...

    Visit a few bike shops, talk to the staff and take a few test rides. The best bike is one you're comfortable on. Dedicated cycle paths are good, but rare. Shared paths have pedestrians doing dumb things and require care and commonsense. Riding on footpaths is illegal in most states, because...
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    Usenet gateway broken

    The gateway to aus.bicycle is not working. It looks like no posts have been getting through in either direction since Friday. John Pitts
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    How to?

    Click on User CP in the blue bar near the top of the screen - takes you to the user control panel. Scroll down to Group Memberships in the menu on the left hand side. Join the "Usenet Member" group. Someone has to approve your membership - takes about a day before you can post. John.
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    Cycling routes in Sydney

    That forum is a portal to the aus.bicycle newsgroup, which you can access via Google groups or with a newsreader program on your computer. If you want to post from here you have to request USENET access - go to User Control Panel then select "Group Memberships". Can't really add to Ritcho's...
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    test - ignore

    I've resisted responding to the replies, but I can't stand it any more! A couple of weeks ago I wrote... ...because I was not able to post to another forum on this site. I couldn't find a test forum, so I posted a test here. If that annoyed anyone, my apologies. It seems to have amused quite a...
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    test - ignore

    just a test
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    Where are you from,what do you do?

    I'm a high school teacher in Dubbo, a rural city in Australia. I commute by bike - about 5km each way, half of which is on bike/pedestrian paths and cycle lanes. -- John