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    Polar S720i rainbow screens?

    Sure - I know about that. But the problem is that I never remember to do it - or very rarely. So the trip distance feature is not a viable bike ride distance measurement for me. It is not a real problem - I have a 'real' bike computer as well, and that does give me ride distance ok. You are...
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    That Annoying Clicking Sound!

    I had a squeak the same - took me weeks to find it. In the end I simply removed both pedals, greased the threads, and put them back in. Fixed. I read somewhere that greasing the threads makes them fit better....seems to work.
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    Do you wear a helmet?

    I agree totally. This is usually silly, teenage boys, of course. And usually ones that do not look too bright. But then I have caught my treenage daughter doing the same thing.
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    advice for Big (i.e. heavy) new cyclist

    Well, having been in your shoes, I can only say "keep it up"! I was 40kg overweight - and have so far lost 23 kg. The biggest problem I had when I started off, was motivation. It is very easy to give up. Hills are very hard for us big guys, as is any sort of hard exercise. So it becomes too...
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    Complete beginner and some questions...

    In my experience, and of those in my cycling group - not much. You will certainly get fitter, and you may even tone up a bit, and perhaps lose a little weight. But certainly not the vast amount you might think based on the huge miles you might cycle. I found I was losing almost nothing, so...
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    Do you think lance is doping? yes or no

    Well, in his own words, he is one of the most tested athletes around. He gets tested around 40 times a year, he says. They have even showed up at his house at 7am for a random drug test. They do it all the time, and seem to be very rude about it. So - no, I do not think that there is any chance...
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    Starting out... and a century in August

    From my experience, you will not be concerned with cadence in the least. You will simply be trying to finish. I don't know how fit you are, etc, but from my experience, the first century is usually a pretty arduous affair. So checkiing things like cadence and average speed is the last thing on...
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    Starting out... and a century in August

    Well, having done more centuries than I care to think about (and I have another one scheduled for this Sunday), I think I can speak a little from experience. 1. First of all - do not pick a century as your first ride. Do 2 or 3 shorter rides 75km, 100km, etc. And after at least 2 or 3 of these...
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    MS 150 - A New Appreciation for Quality Equipment

    I thought it was great - I have had many similar experiences with charity rides, so I can see where he is coming from. And I certainly did not feel the "hate" vibes. Far from it - more tongue in cheek, I suspect. And one should be very careful about commenting on another person's...
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    Weight loss question - Plateau

    Well, just now, I am 105kg and 29.5% fat. When I started all this (about 3 years ago) I was 123kg and 32% fat.
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    Weight loss question - Plateau completely logical as this sounds, I really doubt that this is true. Most people trying to lose weight hit this sort of plateau spoken of here. I myself am at one now. I have lost around 20kg, and simple cannot seem to lose any more. In line with what you say, I thought I should...
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    Happy Polar 720 Power Owners?

    I have used this on two bikes now - and I am fairly pleased with it. Mind you, here in Australia it is VERY expensive, so it is vary hard to say I have bought a dud. My biggest problems with the Power Sensor are - - the thing has to be perfectly level. It can often get bumped a bit, and then...
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    Would you buy a Ciclosport Hac4 or a Polar S720?

    This is certainly the case. I owned a 710 for a few weeks, but returned it because of this very problem. I could not believe such an expensive item had such a serious flaw!! I then "upgraded" to a S710i - which has fixed the problem. It now shuts down after 30 minutes, which in practice is...
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    Would you buy a Ciclosport Hac4 or a Polar S720?

    There are a lot of problems with the S710i/720i units. I have had both, plus a S710 which is a lot worse. I am generally happy with the S710i I now have, but for the money you pay, it is a bit poor. Some of my problems have been - 1. very marked rainbow artefact on the S720i screen (I had two...
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    Halfords Cycle Computer!!!

    It does not matter where on the wheel you put the magnet. And if you think about it, it takes EXACTLY the same amount of time for the inner part of the spoke to revolve as the outer part - if this was not the case the wheel would buckle! The magnet would travel at different speeds at different...