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    Stages Power Meter 2015

    I don't know, that's why I'm asking...
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    Stages Power Meter 2015

    Hi I have found Stages Ultegra 6800 power meter on sale. I've almost decided that I'm going to get a Stages Power Meter, so any reason not to buy the meter now when it's on sale? I'm thinking about if there will be an updated model for the next season? The Ultegra arm of course stays the...
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    Sony Ericsson Xperia with ANT+

    Hi. Some of the Sony Ericsson Xperia smart phones, X8, X10 mini and Arc AFAIK have support for ANT+. Does anyone have any experience using the Xperia phone with any ANT devices? Thanks
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    Train or rest when tired

    Hi guys I just want to give a big thanks for your posts and some great advices that I'm going to think about. Thanks! :-)
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    Train or rest when tired

    Hi I did a hard workout last day, and can feel some soreness in the legs today. From past experience I believe that I'm able to go hard again today, when I have done a good warm-up. But is it a good idea? I have two theories myself. The basics of getting fitter is two challenge the...
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    Hi I'm thinking about make a software program for cyclists and really don't know what kind of features I want to put in it. So if you have the time please take this very quick survey, it's quick I promise :-) Bicycle training and racing survey Thanks a lot!
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    Get good sprint position

    Hello I'm not a good sprinter, neither physical or technically. My legs were just not made for sprinting. So to be able to at least get a average finish, I need to place myself at a good position for the sprint. But too many times, I end up having to start the sprint from the 15-20th position...
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    How to survive the wind in a race

    Hi I'm getting pretty tired of getting beat in the wind, so I'm really looking for some advice of how to survive the wind. I don't think my body was made for riding in the wind, I'm very tall and thin, so even though my power/weight ratio might be good, it doesn't help a lot on the flat long...
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    L4 1x60 vs 2x30

    Hi I felt extraordinary fresh today, so I made my 2x30 workout into a 1x60. Now I'm thinking if it was a good idea, not that I think it matters for just one workout, but in general. I think that the 5min recovery would have allowed me to finish the last 30 minutes with more power, and in total...
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    When it's time to introduce L5 and L6

    Thank you very much for an excellent reply. It was a great read :-)
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    When it's time to introduce L5 and L6

    Great what about L5, is that a different story?
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    When it's time to introduce L5 and L6

    Thanks, when do you think that the structured L5 intervals should start?
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    When it's time to introduce L5 and L6

    Hi The season start is getting close, but still 2.5 month away for me. My base training have consisted of mainly aerobic workouts. 3x20 L4 and around 10 hours of L2/L3. A few specialized exercises: low cadence strength training and high cadence for pedaling efficiency. I have just started to...
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    Strength training at home

    Hello I'm trying to put a strength training program together to use at home. I only have dumbbells available, and don't want to go and buy a large expensive machine. So I want to keep it simple and easy. My main purpose is actually not to get stronger and faster on the bike, but to have better...
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    TSS equal for different FTP's?

    Great, that's one thing about power, I think I understand then :-) Thanks for your reply