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    When Is It Time For A New Bike?

    When it gets rusty.
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    A Real Pain in the Hip

    Sometimes it could be permanent which disallows people to use a bike again, let's hope it's not that, lol.
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    Biking With Fibromyalgia

    Ah, I know your pain. My girlfriend was diagnosed with something really really close to Fibromyalgia, it is really painful for her to do a lot of activity and it's quite difficult due to bones pains and all. It's really inspiring to see someone actually cycling within that condition.
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    Shaving the Legs

    Women are hairy on the legs, that is something that is natural, I've seen a non-shaved woman leg, it's just as much as a guy.
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    Looking For Some Advice On Getting A Mountain Bike

    Don't get one that's really costly, it's not that necessary. Going to a shop and then deciding upon it would be best, don't worry about materials, they don't differ much in terms of strength really.
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    Do You Even Kamp-rite Bro?

    Really interesting. Thank you.
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    Tires For Wet Weather Riding

    I think the big ones are good.
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    Traffic Violations Of Cyclists

    There is, but it's not that common though.
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    Can I Take Up Professional Cycling At 27?

    I agree with him, we fully support you!
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    Cross-country Touring On A Road Bike?

    I'd absolutely love to do that but if the country is big it's simply not possible due to the resources needed along the road.
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    Giant Roam Xr1 Vs Norco Xfr1

    Oh awesome.
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    Beginner. How Often Should I Train?

    Twice a week or three times a week for a beginner is great.
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    Biking Lanes - Safe, Or Not?

    I personally think it's not safe.
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    Maybe You Find This Interesting!:) Give Me A Chance:)

    Yeah I must say this is really awesome.