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    Can I ride a road bike that's really big on me?

    I wouldnt recommend that you ride a bike that does not fit you properly. Over time, I believe you will injure yourself.
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    Lady Commuters

    I live in St. Louis. Im one of the few female bike commuters as well as one of only female bike messengers.
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    Which is more important, a light bike or light body?

    I think both are pretty important!
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    Favorite Bike Of All Time?

    What's your favorite bike of all time? I'd have to go with my childhood fave: the GT performer.
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    Whats Your Favorite Bike Trail?

    What's your favorite biking trail? Im pretty fond of the Katy Trail.
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    How Do You Pimp Your Ride?

    How do you pimp your ride? I recently added a few stickers that say "This is public health" woot. :D
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    So...where Did You Go Biking This Week?

    As for me, I commuted around St. Louis (about 200 miles for the week) and I did a 40 mile ride on the Katy Trail.
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    When Will Spring Weather Arrive?

    Spring has arrived! Finally! :D
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    Where are you from,what do you do?

    Im from San Diego. I cycle because it is the best thing ever. EVER!!! :D
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    Triathlon Newbie Tips

    What advice would you offer a commuter cyclist that wants to shape her (or his) lifestyle around triathleticism? How do you get started? What is a good starter routine? Any pointers would be helpful
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    Road Rules

    Why is it important for everyone to know the rules of the road as it pertains to cyclists and motorists? What happens when police (of all people) do not know the rules of the road? What sort of community education could help everyone share the road?
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    Bike Lane Or I Am Traffic?

    As a cyclist, do you prefer to ride in the bike lane or do you consider yourself part of traffic and take the lane? What's your rationale? What city do you live in? What's the biking infrastructure like there?
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    Women & Cycling Apparel

    Why do you think apparel manufacturers think there is not enough demand for women's cycling products? After all, one half of adult US cyclists are women. I just dont understand the lack of selection. any thoughts?
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    Well... Walmart?

    Ew. Not walmart. We have to support the bike shops in our neighborhoods - not walmart nor online bike websites. They are putting the quality bike shops out of business.