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    HOW WINDY IS TOO WINDY? Can a rider get blown over? Have you?

    Hi Ric moved yet ? :) If you can remember me we rode for a few miles around Cowbridge awhile ago, (had to go home when the wife called :eek: ) Still back to the topic, I thought I'd post the obligatory Welsh hill post, it has to be riding over the Black Mountains only a few weeks ago whilst...
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    Do hills have rhythm

    Ewep AC/DC, my god that takes me back to my youth. 1981 Donington Monsters of Rock Festival:D 18 years old wide eyed and looking for life. Back to the subject though the more I think about it, the more I'm convinced it's about finding a good rhythm and then nailing it.:D though I haven't had...
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    Max Heart Rate

    Bloody HRM's. I'd like to hear about this also because since buying one last month I'm getting paranoid. My HR lives in the 150-170's, hitting hills it's 180's and I noticed today it hit 190. Coming down the hills it drops back down very quickly to the low 100's but should I be concerned ...
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    Do hills have rhythm

    Hi Steve and Vo2 and everybody it's been a while. Apart from waiting for the obvious jokes (come on I'm dying to hear them) it's a serious question. Do hills have a rhythm that is best suited to them ? I ask this question because today I climbed a hill and it felt just right. The tempo was...
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    Over the hill gang

    Can I join now that I've turned forty
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    The great rugby discussion

    Wales = Wails or as you pointed out Whales, which brings to mind a large slow ponderous animal. Yep that about sums up welsh rugby. :)
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    Are you in a club?

    No I still haven't been to a club meet, though I have started to join up with the guys from MTB-Wales for some social rides.
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    The great rugby discussion

    Lazy Legs your right about the best players being in the crowd, because no matter how bad my local team played I always talked a good game. I'm also with you about England, THEY ARE AWESOME. Okay the forwards are getting old and this will be their last chance to win the WC, so I figure it's...
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    The great rugby discussion

    This thread is still alive;) I'm amazed:D I've finally kicked my rugby habit it seems, because when I saw a scoreline of 55-3, the first thought that came into my head was "Wow what a gear ratio that would make":D
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    how long do you ride a day?

    Week days I commute 4.5miles/7kms each way and now that the evenings are getting lighter I usually go for a 1 hour ride as well.Which could be 10 miles up the mountain or longer if I'm on the road ( I should say I intend to go for one hour rides somehow they never end after just one hour)...
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    How you all doing ?

    Vo2 How are you ? doing fine I hope and breaking all records. I've been busy elsewhere closer to home and generally getting on with things, only to find that it's been ages since I posted here. I'm still Mr Mediocre on the bike but I'm happy and that's all that counts. Nice to hear from you...
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    How you all doing ?

    Hi Steve,Vo2 and everyone. How are you all doing ? Hope your doing good. Vo2 a rugby thread !:D by the way the answer's England. Did you get the mess sorted out after you had your car stolen or did you spend the insurance money on a new bike. I'm still riding that bloody roadbike that you...
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    any body from uk

    Hi Jonny Cold ? Jonny the weather is glorious , shorts for the last three days, I think my legs are starting to get a tan again:D Laz
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    Sick people coming to work

    Lazy Legs you have very very valid reasons for being mad and I don't blame you. I'd also like to tell you about myself, I'm proud to say I've been selected to be a Bone marrow donor, Whilst catching a cold doesn't really hurt me, it can have drastic repercussions. Somebody Somewhere is very...
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    Sick people coming to work

    Yep you've guess it. i've been infected by some almighty germ generously brought to work by a fellow worker ! They spent all last week sniffing and coughing, and on one occassion grabbing me after I told one man to keep his distance. Saturday I didn't feel quite right but still went for a...