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    Where is the alabama blue light law for bicycles?

    Been looking for awhile after getting some tail lights that so happen to have a blue light, and I'm finding marketing material stating that blue tail lights are illegal, but all the laws I keep finding that prohibit displaying a blue light say "motorized vehicles," and usually "flashing." Based...
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    Which basic cadence meter?

    Beginning to look for a cadence meter for a rather basic bike, and am not quite sure if I want a dedicated unit or if I want to use my Android phone and an ANT+ unit. Right now, I'm not looking at other metrics of the ride so much. Which setup would probably be best for that one function?
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    Legs not aching after hardest session. Overtrained?

    I actually thought it was the other way around. If your legs DO ache, then you've overused them (though you're doing them good by doing so). ...but if they don't, you can stretch 'em out some more.
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    Hardest ride of the season !

    I agree, though I've kinda let myself get out of the habit over the winter. Sadly, all I ever get is rain.
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    Student research: self-charging cycling navigation

    I personally see no reason this can't happen. A standard dynamo puts out 6V at 500mA, which isn't far off from the USB standard. Last time I checked, you can definitely charge a low end smartphone as it runs a GPS app as you ride this way. ...though it would help if there was a survey to take.
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    Carbon fiber bikes and hitch-mounted racks

    Although I certainly see vibration wearing a hole in the carbon fiber, I don't see it happening in one or two trips. Still, I would advise putting pipe insulation over anothing that contacts the bike frame. It's cheap and easy to get and use. Putting the insulation on the bike itself would be an...
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    Blue tail lights. do what now?

    Haven't looked at equipment in the last year, but when I started shopping for tail lights, I was surprised to see so many blue ones. Not quite sure how I feel about them as they can be mistaken as law enforcement, or how Alabama would interpret the law (which I see says motor vehicle). Do they...
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    Tail lights: how bright is too bright?

    I thought so, but at least I know it's there. :p Even with that, I'm unsure exactly what the actual brightness of my light is, but the white model is 2000 lumens. The wavelength of the light would impact the actual measurement.
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    My gears don't work

    I guess we could do that if we didn't want this person to learn how to take care of their own bike, but sadly, if something brreaks on the trail, ge may be screwed if he doesn't know how to correct problems like this.
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    My gears don't work

    My first question is, what pictures? Have you checked the tension on the shifter cables? Turn the shifters to the slack position (smallest sprocket for that derailer). If slack in cable, loosen binding nut, pull tight, and while holding tension, tighten it back. Let us know your findings.
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    Tail lights: how bright is too bright?

    I recently got one of those "night vision" red flashlights for deer hunting and have been trying it out. ...and one thing I thought to do is strap it to my bike as a tail light. ...but I haven't rode with it yet. Partly because it's 2000 lumens for the equivalent white model, and turned down to...
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    How To Stay Safe On County Highways

    If that is the case, why is YouTube full of videos of accidents where cyclists riding the line gets bulldozed? While the chances of having this happen is reduced by riding tje line, the likelyhood of having it happen to me is still uncomfortably high, and being rear ended by a Silverado running...
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    If You Bike At Night You Need A Light

    I have reflective tape all over my bike, as well as a dyno light, a couple clip on tail lights, and a couple flashlights I burned-randed to my bike. The reflectors, in my opinion, helps more than does the small lights that are available, but I Don't think either one alone is enough to work...
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    When Is A Big Belly Considered Evil?

    If anything interferes with your lifestyle, it is given that it should be changed. Otherwise, I Don't see any harm specifically tied to weight other than load bearing related, excluding the commonly associated chemical reasons that accompanies common causes, like bacon. Even at that, most...
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    When Is A Big Belly Considered Evil?

    What "doesn't add up" is that I am gaining weight intentionally by eating more. While I am being careful of what I eat, including as much chicken and deer for my meats, and as many veggies as is practicable, I am also eating more breads thanks to the type of work I do. I also had poor results...