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    British & Irish Lions Tour 2009

    Oh Yah Keeping an eye on it from Quebec, Canada Leon
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    How far is too far?

    You could ride in one day and back the next or do a variation were you go in and out one day and then one way the next two. There are always ways to get around this sort of a problem Leon
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    max heart rate 235

    I have seen my heart rate monitor "spike" to 220 many a time and it always was the result of interference, trains, cars etc. There was however one exception. On the 17th of September 2003, I was doing a short ride and I felt my heart rate increase dramatically. I actually stopped the bike and...
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    Plantar fasciitis

    I had the same problem the following worked for me. 1. Ice, place a cup of water in the freezer. Roll your foot over it. 2. Flexibility in the calves is a must, Stretch your calves frequently. I use to curse red traffic lights. Now I see them as an opportunity to stretch my calves. 3. Orthotics...
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    Sore Elbows?

    I have exactly the same problem and also used to do a lot of gym. I am starting to think that it may be a combination of heavy bench presses and the "locked" elbows. Am wondering if I should not bring the handlebars closer.
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    Stolen Bike

    Wish I was that lucky, had mine stolen a year ago. Ride the bike when you go a buy that lotto ticket.
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    Perth CBD approach

    Ok we all know that the Perth bicycle network is great. :) I am struggeling to find a good safe approach to the CBD. I ride in from Hillarys (either the Mitchell Freeway or West Coast Highway and in in via the City to Surf path). I notice many cyclists use St Georges Tce and really mix it up...
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    How many of you would rather not bike in hot weather?

    I find that it is difficult to "overheat" on the bike. As long you take enough fluids the airflow cools you down. Leon
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    Best bicycle path network

    Which City has the best network and why?
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    Stolen Kona Kula Deluxe (Perth)

    Lesson learn't the hard way!
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    Stolen Kona Kula Deluxe (Perth)

    It was secured with a cable lock (10mm) to a bicycle rack in the car park (BASEMENT) of Central Park on St Georges Terrace. The area is under 24 hour camera surveilance. I have footage of the whole thing taking place. The thief cut the lock with a smallish bolt cutter. It took less than 1 minute...
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    Stolen Kona Kula Deluxe (Perth)

    Thanks for your support Picture uploaded
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    Stolen Kona Kula Deluxe (Perth)

    Hi There Somebody stole my MTB on 12/5/2005 at 11:40 am. :mad: The bike was a Kona Kula deluxe pretty standard although I have changed the saddle. It has XT components and a Fox fork. The bike was stolen from the bicycle storage area in Central Park on St Georges Terrace. The thief was...
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    I Wonder, Besides English, Do You Speak Another Language?

    Afrikaans for me too. I can also speak a bit of German. Order a beer and other usefull stuff
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    Left crankarm keeps loosening

    I have had the same problem but with a race face splined crank. Today during a two hour bike ride I had to tighten it four times. From what I have read I need a new crank ?