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    My third official race. :0)

    Congrats on the excellent race. And I'm trying to encourage you - not trying to sharp shoot you - by saying you might be selling yourself short with settling to be only a " pretty good cat-5 racer." Just guessing, but staying off the front for an extended time, only to lose to a break of Cat 3...
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    Centaur Fronts Shifter has 4 positions?

    Much obliged, Boudreaux. My mistake was assuming that the FD works like the rear derailluer: one click equals one shift. Thanks.
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    Centaur Fronts Shifter has 4 positions?

    I'm trying to make a Campy Centaur 3 triple front shifter work with a double Veloce FD (on a FSA double carbon crank.) All the components are used but appear to be in good condition. The Centaur shifter has four 'ratchets' (or positions, I guess.) I was expecting three, and to be able to use...
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    spinervals dvd's?

    I bought No Slackers Allowed on Ebay a couple of weeks ago. I was hesitant to buy on Ebay, not wanting to support counterfeiters, but the DVD appears to be authentic. There's no doubt that I would have difficulty maintaining the same intensity without the structure and motivation from the DVD...
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    Cable guide underneath Bottom Bracket?

    Thanks for the replies. The LBS, who doesn't know me from Adam, gave me one for free. Thanks for the help.
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    Cable guide underneath Bottom Bracket?

    What's that cable guide underneath the bottom bracket called, and where can I get one? Is a bike shop likely to stock them? I bought a frame on Ebay that didn't come with one (argh!). It's just got two holes in the bottom bracket shell: one in the middle that appears threaded and one to the...
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    Plastic Whizzinator doping device

    FWIW, the vast majority of the Whizzinator's target market is illicit drug users trying to beat drug test for job screening or to beat court mandated testing following probation, etc. Actor and drug addict Tom Sizemore, for example, was caught using one, and he wasn't being tested for steroids...
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    Pro riders and stem length - what gives?

    I speculate that the pros are more flexibile on the bike than us mortals and that lets them stretch out further, hence they can ride with a longer top tube/stem. But seat-to-bar length seems also to effect how the weight of the torso is supported by the arms and shoulders. Too long of a stem...
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    Pro riders and stem length - what gives?

    I've been watching a lot of the Giro and flipping through all the magazines at Barnes and Noble lately, and have noticed that rarely, if ever, do the pro riders have the standard "text book" fit regarding stem/top tube length. Everything I've read says that the bar should obscure the sight of...
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    What's the name of those guys who follow riders in cars...

    sometimes B list celebrities (Robin Williams) fawning over LA.
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    tv coverage for giro?

    Pay for the OLN feed, and listen simultaneously to for audio for free. I found that getting the sound running before opening the video feed let the two sync up perfectly. I accidentaly closed out the video feed browser once, and when I got it up running again the video I was...
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    While I don't think it's right to test ride bikes at the LBS when you are planning to purchase it online, I don't buy the argument that without the LBS the cycling scene will suffer. Clubs, not bike shops, seem to organize races. Some do organize rides, but what's so hard about meeting in a...
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    Looking for new Performance coupon

    Does anyone have a valid coupon code for Performance? The once posted earlier seem to have expired. Thanks.
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    Who's using a Coach (online or in person)?

    OK. I'm now convinced that a coach could really help. Now I'm just shopping around for price and trying to determine what I can afford . There seems to be a wide range in prices. There's a coaching group in my state (NC) with a "basic" package starting at $30 a month, but others' least...
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    Who's using a Coach (online or in person)?

    Hi, Who's using a coach? I'm getting back into cycling after an injury if forcing me to cut down my running milage (I had surgery to fix a broken metatarsal.) When I raced a bit in college 10 years ago, it seemed only a few folks had coaches, at least those of us Cat 4 and 5. At that level...