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    Recommend a Full Suspension Mountain Bike for Santa Barbara / South CA Trails and Fire Roads

    I'm looking for a good mountain bike for riding around Santa Barbara, CA. Dry Mediterranean climate, and mostly sandstone and gravel trail composition. I'd like a nice light bike for climbing. let me know what you think. below are links to some of the trails I often ride...
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    Ideas for affordable bicycle enclosure / shed

    I'm trying to build something, but if it turns out to be too expensive, i may buy one of those sheds
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    Ideas for affordable bicycle enclosure / shed

    Winter is around the corner, and I have no indoor space to keep my bikes. I want to build some kind of shelter or canopy to keep them dry if we get any big storms. got any ideas? I'd like to keep it less than ~$500. I'd like to store 4 bikes.
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    Injury and Pain

    I have been dealing with knee pain for about 5 years. I have tried 3 physical therapists, seen a chiropractor 2 years (then stopped), 2 knee surgeon consultations, but no one can seem to help. Not really sure what to do at this point. Now I'm seeing a person who does ROLFing but I'm a bit...
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    What are the best folding bikes available?

    Trick question! folding bikes are lame. just buy a regular bike. it will ride much better
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    Stretching For Knee Pain

    What are some good stretches to help alleviate my knee pain? I foam roll regularly and do a couple hamstring stretches. Anything that will help? My PT told me to do squats and Bulgarian lunges, but this escalated the pain I was experiencing so I stopped.
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    Foam Rolling, Steel Bar Rolling, etc. Torture or beneficial?

    Don't do it if it hurts. you can damage your body by putting too much pressure on certain places. be very careful with the solid rollers.
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    Patella Fermoral Syndrome

    be careful about bike fitting. I think my knee problems developed due to improper fitting. the most important thing to know about bike fitting, is that you must understand the changes. there is a lot of trial and error, small adjustments, and trial periods / evaluation. don't think that the way...
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    Rim recommendation please

    I got tubeless rims about 6 months ago, and I'll never go back to tubes.
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    Debilitating Piriformis Syndrome and Cycling

    i've been off my bike now for about 3 weeks because of knee pain that my chiropractor tells me is related to tight piriformis muscles. i'm genetically duck footed, and cycling my knees eccentrically for a couple years has caused either arthritis, pfps, tendonitis, or _____ on the inside of...
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    Wobenzym N

    Does anybody use this supplement to prevent / alieviate inflammation? I have been using it a month, but have not experienced marked improvement in my knee pain. Who has had good results using this product?
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    Typical Milage on Mechanical Disc Pads?

    How often should I replace my mechanical disc brake pads? I ride about 100-150 mi per week, dropping about 3-5000K vertical. mostly road and graded trails. I very seldom come to abrupt stops, but I brake often. Are there any indications that the pads may be wearing thin? what would you estimate...
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    Tubelss commuting tire for road / hardpack trails I can run at 70-80 psi?

    I'm currently on a set of 32x700 Kenda Small Block 8s. I like the tread pattern, but i wish I could run them with a bit more pressure. Max is 50 psi for those tires, and I get a bit nervous about trying to go fast downhill on them.
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    Tubelss commuting tire for road / hardpack trails I can run at 70-80 psi?

    Who makes some good reliable tires that will get me to work, an tear up some easy trails on the ride home. I want enough pressure to feel stable at 35-40 mph, but a tread with some grip when I leave the pavement. Got some recs for me? Running alpha 340 ZTR rims.
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    Optimum duration for LSD rides?

    Any time I eat L I get overly ambitious with my rides. Remember 4th of July 2 years ago, ate a half strip at dawn and cycled way up into the mountains. Hills started fluctuating and got real wobbly, great geometries and spectrums emanating off of everything. Sky appeared to flash between night...