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    Converting MT into Roadbike??

    I don't know where you've seen "huge sections of cobbles", but the courses on which the Spring Classics are run are velvety-smooth compared to the two urban construction zones through which I commute. Good for you, you're a frakkin' hero. My recommendation was directed toward those who merely...
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    Converting MT into Roadbike??

    A number of studies done decades ago showed this myth that "roadies don't loose [sic] that energy" is just not true. They in fact do *lose* that energy, and then some. Prove it for yourself: pick an uneven offroad uphill course, and time yourself climbing it on a road [or cyclocross] bike, then...
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    Laptop on a commuter bike?

    That's what I used for a few years when I was carrying a laptop to work, and my panniers at that time were just some old cheapos. If you need something cheap and water-resistant, just bag the computer in plastic first.
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    Converting MT into Roadbike??

    I have commuted on a MTB with slicks for a number of years, and it has the advantages of more comfort and sturdiness than a standard road/touring bike, especially on the badly-maintained urban roads I have ridden.
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    How often do you crash?

    I don't crash often, but when I do, it's usually spectacular. :(
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    How much does your bike weigh?

    The lightest bike of the eight I own is over 30 pounds, but I still outweigh it by a couple hundred.
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    What the reviews and adverts don´t tell you .

    I agree wholeheartedly with all of that, adding only the following: neither look down from your Opera Leonardo with disdain upon your fellow rider on the Sora bike, nor sneer resentfully at the fellow on the Opera Leonardo from your Sora. Admire the bike as a work of art, or dismiss the bike as...
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    Luggage trailers

    I've pulled a trailer many hundreds of miles behind a bicycle, both on tour and for local shopping. I have an old BOB single-wheel trailer that is narrow enough for any doorway, and has been my choice for touring; but my even-older Bykaboose two-wheeler holds more for shopping, and folds rapidly...
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    There is at best only a very crude relationship among height, inseam, and bike dimensions due to the lack of a "standard physique" among bicyclists. The best guide to fit is your own body, which seems to be telling you that you should get a frame with a shorter top tube, or maybe a smaller frame...
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    Rain Gear reccomendations?

    I recommend Helly Hansen as having the best reasonably-priced raingear, which, since I moved here to the desert, I haven't used much; but I've worn their Packable Jacket and Pants through many a coastal rainstorm in the past.
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    chain ring problem?

    The big chainring is bent. Even a nearly-imperceptible bend will cause exactly what you describe. You could try removing and straightening it [that's what I did last year] but they're reasonably cheap to replace [unless you need to have the Latest-n-Greatest™].
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    44 miles through the city is a long haul no matter what you're riding. I recommend a folding bike like my M5 CMPCT so you can take the bus half-way.
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    Learning to ride a Recumbent Tandem as a team.

    Hard to say: riding a tandem can either "make or break" a relationship. One of my tandems was purchased from a divorced couple, and I've heard horror stories about other couples who just could not get along on a tandem. Your best course of action is to take it slowly at first, do short rides at...
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    Commuting to work - Body Odor

    I carry a small plastic bottle of rubbing alcohol with me, to splash on and wipe off before I put on my civilian clothes at work, for getting the sweat and bacteria off.
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    What is the most dangerous city to bike in?

    The public doesn't seem to mind a lot of outrageous occurrences on the road. In the Sunday paper, there was an article about crashes caused by drivers nodding off at the wheel, in which a woman whose father died in a head-on collision caused by a "drowsy driver" lamented bitterly that the...