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    Campy Tapered Sealed BB Bearing Question

    thanks for the response Alfeng - might be a good first step to strip things down and look at the bearing - the shell could probably use a cleaning out as well .
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    Campy Tapered Sealed BB Bearing Question

    The bearing , Chorus has been in there a few years now - recently while in the saddle & going up slight incline on small CR and maybe a couple down from the large on the rear cluster I get a sound that sounds like grinding coffee slowly with a manual grinder - it's not a metallic grinding sound...
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    Clinchers vs Tubulars information sought

    CampyBob, I must say I enjoyed reading your post above , #41 and you undeniably have a way with words
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    Bicycle Trainers

    congrats, glad you're happy with it - and thanks for the follow-up post , nice to know the final choice .
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    Bicycle Trainers

    I like the frame held pretty tight so that my primary requirement for a trainer , e.g. the 1UP would be that the holding cups can be tightened and resist loosening by pedaling movement ; I'm somewhat rusty with my dynamics recall & so I'll have to accept the other benefits of the 1UP that...
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    Bicycle Trainers

    I currently have a Kurt Kinetic (basic model) & like it better than the Cyclops that I had previously - the only thing I don't like about the KK is the following : as you tighten down the screw on the non-quick release side of the rear wheel there's a small metal lever that engages with the...
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    Receiving PMs

    ok, thanks jhuskey .
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    Mavic Ksyrium SL SSC spokes

    I was hunting for a Ksyrium SSC SL spoke last year but couldn't remember the year I bought the wheels ; if you know the year then either Mavic or a bike shop that sold these wheels can tell you the Mavic part number for the spoke ; I ended up measuring my broken spoke and found a bike shop here...
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    Campagnolo Chorus Gearing Question

    Dalerb , I'm in a similar situation , older rider wanting more uphill assistance - I threw out some questions to the forum here & received many good ideas - I also ran it by the shop where I got the bike and components 10 years ago - also Chorus - here's a couple of options that I got from the...
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    Shimano - 11/36 Mtn Cassette Road Compatible

    currently I'm 39/53 & 13/29 , all Chorus (double) - ideally I'd like to swap the 39 for something smaller - it may then turn out that I'd need different derailleurs but cost wise it would be better than some of the other alternatives to achieve the same . Alienator posted a link to a French...
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    Campy - Compact vs Triple

    Alienator , would you happen to know the BCD for Campy Chorus Double circa 2003 ; it's tough to measure accurately due to the normal dishing of the crank surface.
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    Shimano - 11/36 Mtn Cassette Road Compatible

    Bob, to answer your question, these are partly aimed at vane older riders who still want to look "in" riding a double Lite
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    Shimano - 11/36 Mtn Cassette Road Compatible

    Just recently heard that Shimano has a mountain bike cassette that is compatible for a road bike and has a high end at 36 teeth - is this true ??
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    Campy Comp Triple - Front Derailleur (FD) - Chainring Capacity Question

    Campy's tech specs for their Comp Triple FD mentions capacity 23 , max 53 , min 30 - that seems to indicate that a 24 or 28 tooth wouldn't work - not sure why but I recall seeing a discussion on this on another forum some years ago . Does anyone know if , in fact, a 24 tooth would be an issue...
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    Double to Triple Conversion Question

    2003 Campy Chorus - 10sp(13-29) and 39/53 CRings - exploring conversion to a Campy triple with least amount of new parts - Campy has a description of their "Comp Triple" in their '14 catalogue and it mentions 10 speed kit, long cage RD, & specific FD. I'd also be interested in buying a...