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    Front left sti shifter smaller lever moves with main lever during shifting

    Hello All For some reason, my front left STI shifter (Shimano Tiagra Triple), when I try to upshift by pushing the smaller lever, the main lever also moves with it. Not only that, sometimes they both just stay engaged instead of returning back down. What is the best way to see if this can be...
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    Lower back pain

    Afternoon all. I was wondering if anyone could recommend a way that I could stop lower back pain? I am new to road cycling andcompleted a 17 mile ride on Saturday morning. After getting off the bike my lower back was in a fair amount of pain. I believe that my saddle is at the right hieght as...
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    Talk to me about power meters

    issue solved!!!
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    Talk to me about power meters

    Looking to get a power meter - what are my cheapest options? What’s a pros/cons of a single vs dual crank arm? Crank arms seem to be least expensive. What do I need to look for when buying? I currently have FSA Hallow Carbon 52/36T. Thanks for all your help in advance.
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    Does anyone else's feet go to sleep while riding?

    When riding, once I pass about 5-10 miles or so, my feet (one, the other, or both) will sometimes fall asleep/go numb. I unclip, shake my foot out to get the blood flowing again, and I'm good to go for another 5-10 miles. Does anyone know why my feet do this? Any fixes to prevent this?
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    Replacement wire for old cycleops pro 300pt?

    issue got solvedd!!
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    Replacement wire for old cycleops pro 300pt?

    Hello , I own a cycleops pro 300pt that until last week work perfectly fine. This is an old wired model from 2006. Last week is stopped to show power and I found that the connector that connect to the console is destroyed and cannot be fixed. I did contact Cycleops but they do not have any spare...