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    Chain sagging on right chain stay

    I've got Ultegra RD-8000 rear derailleur,two chain rings, and 11 cog rear cluster - when I shift into the small chain ring and the 5th smallest cog, the chain sags over the right chain stay - if I rule out an overly long chain, what else could cause this to happen. The bike was in the shop...
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    Difficulty getting tire off rim

    Tubeless tire is deflated but having no luck getting the tire iron under the bead to fulcrum it up to begin the process - do bike shops have a special tool , is there a trick to it ? - any advise appreciated .
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    Ultegra front derailleur - r8000 question

    After 17 years with Campy I'm slowly doing some upgrades , both for the bike and clothing including shoes for myself - I'm comfortable taking the bike to the local LBS for the big stuff like headset and BB including crankset but like to learn how to do some of the other things myself , for...
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    Seat post clamp - braze on or removable

    Thanks Froze , I think it's a removable clamp that hasn't been removed since bike was purchased in 2003 , think it just needs to be gently banged to get it loose - for mobility/flexibility challenges I need to be able to drop the seat when at a stop occasionally - put another way I can't get off...
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    Seat post clamp - braze on or removable

    I have a 2003 Litespeed road bike , titanium , want to install a quick release seat post clamp - I removed the bolt/screw that tightens the existing clamp and what remains looks like it's part of the seat tube , wasn't expecting this , thought it would be a removable piece - does anyone know if...
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    Light weight road shoe

    Haven't bought road shoes in awhile , currently have Shimano with Look cleats (17 years old) - they feel heavy now and was wondering if there are much lighter shoes available these days , recommendations appreciated .
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    Tube - washer on valve stem

    This is an old post that I stumbled on - I like having that round washer on the tube valve which I snug down on the rim - I like short valves and ,if that washer is missing, when I attempt to pump a new tube with my floor pump the valve will go down into the rim making it tough for the pump...
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    Tube/valve question - presta

    Thanks Dabac , a few hours after I posted this question the lightbulb went on and I remembered that the shop did say that the valves on some tubes come with removable cores in the event you want to inject a sealant like Slime, etc. - with hindsight I think I tightened the plastic valve cap too...
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    Tube/valve question - presta

    I know that the valve on a tubeless tire has a removable core to permit the injection of sealant - a few months ago I had some upgrades done by my local shop and asked them to install tubes rather than go tubeless - a couple days ago I was removing the plastic valve cap and the core of the valve...
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    Couple of bar wrap questions - roady rider

    Thanks Froze , I probably should have been more patient with the Gorilla because I checked the wrap this morning and the electrical tape felt sticky - the supplied finishing tape that comes with the Fizik wrap that Bob alluded to is probably the ideal - the feedback from yourself and Bob has...
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    Couple of bar wrap questions - roady rider

    Thanks Froze - I just picked up some Gorilla tape and just finished a re-wrap using it - on the pro side the adhesive is very good but on the con side it tended to wrinkle a bit when I stretched it around the bar - good quality electrical tape , e.g. Scotch 3M is much thinner but even more...
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    Couple of bar wrap questions - roady rider

    thanks Bob , Fizik also has a nice range of wrap thicknesses ; their website shows wraps at 2,2.5, & 3 mm .
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    Bike measurements!

    I used the fit ideas in Greg LeMond's ( and Kent Gordis) 1987 book "Complete Book of Bicycling" - check Amazon for a more current edition .
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    Couple of bar wrap questions - roady rider

    Questions : My current wrap is overly cushy/puffy and I'd like to replace it with something moderately cushy - any suggestions on which brands offer a reasonably good range of wraps that maybe extend from thin and skin tight at one end of the spectrum to overly cushy/puffy at the other end ...
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    Shifting after component upgrade

    Thanks Alfeng - your questions have reminded me that I've possibly left out some key information that could explain what I'm experiencing - I had Campy chorus ergo-power shifters with distinct upshift and downshift levers located in the brake area - my new ones are Shimano STI shifters , where...