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    Who is weirder, Roadies, Trackies or Mountain Bikers?

    ALL cylists are weird. Roadie, XC, Downhill, Freeride, ect..ect. I'm weird, you're weird...or at least I hope, you're weird cause' if you think you're normal, I don't trust you! Weird is good! Weird is liberating! Weird is expressional! Weird people just have more fun! Some of the most...
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    who here also rides road ?

    I road bike in addition to Mt. Biking. In fact...I'm a little nervous to say..that I actually ride my road bike more now than I Mt. Bike even though I just started road riding this year and I've been a mt biker for about 12 years...kinda scary. OH MY GOD!! I THINK I'M TURNING INTO A ROADIE...
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    What kind of fork do you have

    Manitou Black Elite 80/100mm on one bike Manitou Black Super Air 100mm on the other
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    Frequently Asked Questions about Mountain Biking (Modified and Expanded)

    You know absolutely nothing about Mt. Biking Vandeman. I've seen the picture on your site depicting Mt. Biking. What a poor representation. You dig for the worst things that you can find. That's not what even half of the riders look like when they're riding. You're washed up in all your...
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    Frequently Asked Questions about Mountain Biking (Modified and Expanded)

    God I can't believe I'm even going to allow myself to get sucked into this ridiculous situation. I'm not going to entertain you with responses to even half of your absolutely ludicrous claims. But this is what I will say. You want to know something Vandeman? Read my lips...
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    Anyone know what small cars a mountain bike fits in?

    Guess what I have....a Honda Civic Hatchback! I can fit my bike in it. But just the same, I've got a Yakima roof rack on it, and that's what I'd get if I were you, whatever car you end up getting. It'll spare your care the beating that it will take if you load it in the back all the time. Trust...
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    Specialized Hardrock

    I had a '98 GF Marlin once, and for the time, it was a really great bike. Of course now, I've moved way up to the full suspension bikes, but I have to say, for the money, that was a dang good little bike. You might like that one. I'd recommend it, but I'm also bias though because I'm a huge...
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    Wal-Mart replacing Post Office as USA Bike team sponser?

    :rolleyes: Well whatever man.......Have a good one okay?:) Take it easy! ~ManitouSHX~
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    do yall ride trails or rode

    That's right....keep telling yourself that if it make you feel better... Oh brother.......:rolleyes:
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    What kind of brakes do you have

    Hmmmm, I think there used to be one called a U-Brake.....I think that is what is was called. It was the same concept as the V-Brake, but on the back wheel, instead of being mounted at the top of the seat stays, near the seat post, it was mounted to the chain stays down by the front derailer. It...
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    Front forks - what upgrade?

    Yeah, I agree. I like the Black 80/100mm travel. I have and 80/100 Black Elite on my Sugar, and a 100mm Black Super Air on my Cake and they're both sweet shocks. Check those out Terrya, I think that you may like em'.:)
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    Bicycle road wear vs car wear (help)

    I just don't even see how it is possible to think that I bike does more damage than a car does. Those people must be pretty dang thick. I mean, we're talking like 120-300lbs. at most of rider and bike compared to anywhere from 3,000lbs to a ton with vehicles that exert several times the stress...
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    Front forks - what upgrade?

    I'd definatley say the Skareb, or maybe a Manitou Black Super or something else in the Black line. I would go with something from Manitou, cause' I personally like them better than Rock Shox, even though Rock Shox are good. But I dunno...
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    Wal-Mart replacing Post Office as USA Bike team sponser?

    Well, where I'm from, cycling is still pure. Maybe it's not everywhere, but here it still. We do it for the love of the sport and getting away from the city and pressures of life. For your information, I don't buy Nike apparel, nor do I buy from Wal-Mart. Personally, I don't like Nike being in...
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    Lances Foot in the mouth Syndrome

    Hey, it's all good man. I'm sorry to here about your losses, and I got a little too fired up. I too have had a bad week, though, not nearly as bad as your's. Once again, my sympathies. You and I just have different opinions, and that's cool, that's what make everybody unique. You're right...