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    Cities with inductive loop sensorsthat don't detect bikes?

    I already faced that....but that was in France.
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    GPS Bike Navigation

    Link is dead?
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    GoPro Triathlon?

    I guess you can try. They will probably appreciate a little promotion :) Where would you strap it during the swim? On your head?
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    Time off the bike hurts, is it just me?

    I think it is a common thing. If you don't ride for several days, your muscle tone is lower. By spinning a little bit, you keep it higher. That is why it is recommended (at least in triathlon :-) ) to go for a little ride the day before a competition.
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    Is it too much and how long should i rest in-between?

    Hello, Indeed, 3 days rest is already too much. 1 day rest means 3 training sessions a week which is not that much. I think 1 day rest should be a good objective (or 2 from time to time).
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    Better workouts for riding longer and stronger Out-of-the-saddle ?

    Yes indeed, that's a good training. Start with short durations (0.5km cilmbs for instance) and always slow rpm.
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    Designing an exercise bike

    Hello, Not sure I can help a lot but you may be looking for a device that converts a rotating motion (from the wheels) into a rocker arm motion (for the child seat). Try a kind of crankshaft (as used for engines). Hope it helps! Manu
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    Creating watts

    I feel exactly the same, I able to hold 260W for an hour on a climb, but I tried on a flat part, it was just impossible! Maybe on a climb, the effort is more constant (it is just about the grade). On a flat road, it is rare to have perfectly constant conditions (wind, road, etc.). Also as...
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    Sudden faster but don't know why

    I see several possible explanations: - Different wind condition - Better asphalt road (that plays a lot) - Global faster route (less stops, less curves, etc.) - Better training (even if you don't feel it) - Good physical condition (more rest, etc.) - The fit curve may induce wrong...
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    950km in 7 days - Advice

    Hello, 9 month is more than enough to get ready :) Just regularly go for a 100km ride (let say every 2/3 weeks) to get used to it (starting of course with shorter distances). Your project is not a race, so you can take a break when you want. 130km with breaks is not that hard, just be sure...
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    Route planner (altitude profile) and power calculator

    Hello, If you are looking for a route planner, I designed one that might be helpful : It allows to plan routes (by adding/moving/removing waypoints), display lots of information (altitude profile, climbs, grades, altitude difference, etc). The user...
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    Route planner (altitude profile) and power calculator

    Hello, If some are looking for a route planner website, I created one for cyclists : This website allows you to plan routes (by adding/removing/moving waypoints), display some information (altitude profile, climbs, grades, altitude difference, etc)...