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    Time for a Cut-out Saddle?

    I upgraded to a Selle SMP Pro about six months ago. Guess I was sucked in by the write up, sounded better than whatever. I have been pleasantly surprized. The funny looking saddle is actually very comfortable and has solved numbness issues I had. Mark
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    Clueless which new tires for my hybrid bike.

    I have a Trek MTB which Ive changed over to a hybrid. I put a set of Cane Creek 700c wheels on it and run Continental 32 tires. I am happy with these tires and they seem to work fine. I know I could have gone narrower but every once in a while I ride on a dirt or gravel road and the 32s...
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    Exotic Carbon FF

    I am changing my Trek 6500 over to a hybrid as I ride it on the road almost exclusively. I put Cane Creek 700c wheels on a year ago and am now interested in a rigid front fork. Exotic makes a carbon unit which has the disk brake mounts that I need. Has anyone seen one of these or have any...
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    New Crank Set

    I have a Trek 6500 that Ive changed to a hybrid. About six months ago I bought a XT crank set on line. I did not have the tools so I paid my LBS to install it. The biggest reason for the new set was a higher gear than I had with the stock crank set. The new set never shifted as well as the...
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    Hit a cyclist today - what sort of trouble am I in

    Gotta be a spiff. Nobody could be that dumb. Banned from driving, for reasons you dont want to go into? Yeah right, but you are out driving anyway? Then you are in an accident and leave. And, you leave knowing the police are on the way. If all true, and I were the judge, I'd put you under...
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    Biking to work

    I start work at 6am and have an 18 mile commute. I am trying to get into the habit of riding the bike twice a week. It takes me an hour and a half each way so it makes for a long day. Getting clothing, shower stuff, and where all the stuff is was more difficult to get sorted out than...
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    Gale force winds kept me off the bike yesterday. I did get a ride in today in 15-20 mph winds. There was too much wind for me to tell if the higher gear will help. I stopped twice and made small adjustments to the new SMP seat and it is really going to do work out, I think. Not only is it...
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    Help! My husband got hit on his bike...we need advice!

    Enhancing injuries is as bad or worse than our hundreds of thousands of ambulance chasing lawyers. Makes me think of the rediculous million dollar award for getting hot coffee spilled on you at Mikey Dees. It does seem that real medical bills should be paid by the car operator and I be...
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    I picked the bike up late last night, I test road it in the rain at the dealer and all worked. It is still raining this morning and I took the bike out for just a short ride and so far so good. The seat feels good though I need to take a couple of longer rides. The new chain ring sizes...
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    I have my bike at my LBD who is installing my new crank set for me as I did not have the tools to take off the old one or install the new one. So, later today I'll have larger chain rings to provide a higher gear ratio. I looked around when I was there yesterday and bit the bullet. I have...
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    Bottom Bracket Question

    Thank you guys, I think I have a better understanding now. The terms in quotes are terms used by Shimano. My front derailer mounts to the seat upright and I do not remember anything else in the mix, I will check, so from what you guys are saying I have a bracket type. Measure 73mm, nothing...
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    Bottom Bracket Question

    My new XT crankset and bottom bracket arrived yesterday. I am increasing the chainring size from 44T to 48T as well as moving up a notch or two in type. I have read the install instructions a couple of times. The BB can be used on both width hubs and has a set of washers/spacers which are...
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    Any advice on mad dogs?

    I bought a small spray can of what I think is pepper spray from an online bike place. I usually talk, then pedal faster, then spray. I have tried spraying twice. Missed the first time and it worked the second time. Mark
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    Swapping out forks and derailleurs

    Hi, I have been slowing doing something similar to my bike. I have a mountain bike, a Trek 6500, and I ride on the road all the time. I have tried several road bikes and have a KHS but the MTB is very much more comfortable for me. So, the wheels came off and have been replaced with a set of...
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    Crank Set Upgrade

    Thanks for the info! Yes, I started out looking for two chainrings not a new crankset. Turns out that I was able to get a good price on an XT Crankset with the larger chainrings installed and just a little more than what two chain rings would cost. Sounds like it might be a good idea for me...